Chinese Woman Burn Down Lagos Hotel While Using Cocaine With Boyfriend

chinese woman set hotel fire lagos

July 7, 2016 – Chinese Woman Sets Ikeja Lagos Hotel On Fire While Using Cocaine With Boyfriend

A Chinese citizen has been arrested for allegedly setting her hotel room on fire on Allen avenue.

The suspect identified as Zhen Zhen was under the influence of cocaine when she mistakenly set Ernest Place Hotel, located at 28 Bamishile st in Ikeja Lagos on fire.

The incident happened on Tuesday July 5 around 8pm.

The fire damaged property worth N24million. The suspect and her boyfriend, one Jian Feng are still in police detention.

8 thoughts on “Chinese Woman Burn Down Lagos Hotel While Using Cocaine With Boyfriend

  1. This is so interesting, because she has succeeded in destroying her legacy out of negligence. N24m is no small money. A pity case thou.

  2. if na naija do am for dia country dem go behead them straight .. so naija should do same chikena.

  3. Naija man need money for his hotel.let them show us d area d fire damaged.why demanding 24million

  4. This is gbese, hope they av money to pay for d damages, don’t the hotel av fire detectors, fire extinguishers, I mean didn’t they put in place safety emergency measures.

  5. Well, the assessed damages are valued in Naira which value is not much compared to the foreign currency the suspects brought in so it will not be too much on them. They should pay the owner the expected compensation. As for their drug habit, it is their domestic affair so no comment from me o!

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