Chinua Achebe’s Corpse Arrives Abuja, Nigeria In Golden Coffin (Photos)

chinua achebe casket

May 21st, 2013 – Pictures: Chinua Achebe’s Corpse Arrives Abuja, Nigeria In Golden Casket

In the early hours of Tuesday May 21st, 2013, the corpse of late Prof. Chinua Achebe arrives the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) via Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport  ahead of his burial on Thursday.

The late novelist’s body was then transported to his hometown in Ogidi, Anambra state for burial preparation.

See more photos of the late Chinua Achebe’s casket below.

Chinua Achebe’s burial ceremony will take place at his hometown in Anambra State tomorrow.

May his soul continues to rest in perfect peace.

49 thoughts on “Chinua Achebe’s Corpse Arrives Abuja, Nigeria In Golden Coffin (Photos)

  1. He was a Hero. 1 of his best books was “Things Fall Apart” which I sat to in my BECE examz in 2002. R.I.P.

  2. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen. but i have to say something, yes he was a great man wen he was alive but this burial hav cost a lot the make out 30 million for bury him, dead body the enter red carpet both golden coffe all this things is money that should be use to help the less privilegde, wether the spent millions he is already dead the best way to honour him is by buryin him and stop the merrement nowadays burial done become a very big occasion to show how rich the family is but that is not wat burial means is for mourning and not merrement.when he was alive he rejected many awards Nigeria gave him because he said Nigeria is bad and corrupt, am not aganist the honour the are givin him but wat i mean is that people should learn how to use money wisely. true he was a great man that can never be forgotin easy he is a legend. RIP.

  3. MAY your little soul rest in peace my fellow nigerians make una shine una eyes oooo to avoid na me talk am oooo.ojukwu is dead yaradua is dead naw echebbe is dead still our problem remains our problem whatch the coment you make


  5. Can we stil av some1 lyk chinua Achebe in Nigeria…RIP. To b candid,Nigeria wasted money on unnecessary things. Givin him befittin burial doesn’t mean dat #35 million shud b used 4 a burial. Ko de sowo ni Nigeria, ni won nna aduru owo fun Oku.

  6. Is una name dey in d book of Life?? May u REST IN PERFECT PEACE and ur name be written in d Book of Life, IJN Amen!

  7. Bodys.say, bye the Great man but only that thing have fallen apart ,you are a hero to the world, in the sense you made too many people to be enlightened by your writ ups

  8. Spending such an amount on such a national ICON is not a waste omo iya mi. since Nigerians demand a national burial; I think N30m is too small for such a global legend. imagine if every state in Nigeria should donate; how much do you think each state can donate? Baba Achebe deserve better than that; I think he will be please up there if Nigerians especially can emulate his sacrificial, honest and integrity lifestyles. Ultimately, lessons from all his write-up be imbibe in our national values. If all these are not done I think Baba Achebe is not going to be happy with these spending. Thanks

  9. U are my great hero, just like d late.(emeka ojukwu) ur splendid works can never be oblivionated in the gumptions of nigerians, africans, & d world at large. R.I.P my hero.

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