Meet Laura Fernee, UK Woman Who Claims She’s Too Pretty To Work (Photos)

Laura Fernee pictures

May 21st, 2013 – Meet Laura Fernee, UK Woman Who Claims She’s Too Pretty To Work (Pictures)

Meet Ms Laura Fernee, a 33-year-old PhD graduate who claims she was forced to quit her job because she is too pretty to work.

The laboratory scientist quits her £30,000 job 2 years ago after 3 years of constant advances from male colleagues and problem from jealous women.

In a recent interview on ITV’s This Morning show, Laura Fernee denied being too sensitive.

Laura Fernee photos

Ms Fernee said she had been left traumatised by bullying and harassment because of her exceptional beauty.

‘The truth is my good looks have caused massive problems for me when it comes to employment, so I’ve made the decision that employment just isn’t for me at the moment’.

‘It’s not my fault… I can’t help the way I look.’

‘I know people will judge me for choosing not to work but they are underestimating just what a curse good looks can be in the workplace,’ she added.

‘Everyone thinks it must be great to be attractive but there are serious downsides.

‘I’m sure other women have experienced the same problems but haven’t spoken out for fear of being labelled big-headed.’ she told the Daily Mirror in a separate interview

The 33-year-old ‘pretty woman’ is now living off her aged parents.

They spend £4500 monthly for her up keeping.

25 thoughts on “Meet Laura Fernee, UK Woman Who Claims She’s Too Pretty To Work (Photos)

    • This is crazy. What does she think – she is Helen of Troy? There are dozens of gorgeous women who have had good jobs. I am thinking (for example) of S. Lansing – who was originally an actress (see the John Wayne movie, Rio Lobo) and also worked as a movie producer. This woman is just frigging lazy. Lucky for her she has parents willing to support her.

    • This girl is not too pretty to work, she’s too lazy to work. Psychologists and psychotherapeuts are lazy too!

  1. Why can’t this ‘Miss United Kingdom’ start a business of her own instead of turning herself to a liability for her aged parent?…idiot lazy mumu.

  2. hahahah, pretty and no husband till 33 years? here pretty women get married before they are 18 years. you are not pretty, you think you arebut sister your are not.

  3. she had better go for deliverances. that isnt an excuse for her not to work, else she will surely grow old in her fathers house.

  4. She is simply lazy. What if she were not from a wealthy family? upon her money and makeup she still look ugly. The legs are skinny.

  5. Hi Laura,

    I understand you. My best friend’s mom experienced the same when she was young. She is still a very beautiful woman, but she is afraid of people. Don’t let these bad thoughts put you down and depressed. Life is beautiful. I’m sure you can find good people that will admire you considering your beauty and intelligence. Remember beautiful people used their beauty to change the world, like Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima… Don’t let envy and jealousy turn you into someone you don’t want to be…

    Best, Hazel

    • For Pete’s sake Hazel – the people you are talking about (Marilyn Monroe, etc.) they actually WORKED. They worked hard. This woman is a leach.

  6. Miss. dat z nt enuf excus y u shud stay at home doing nothing. u beta find a work doing as a graduate u re or ur education ‘ll b a waste. A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR A WISE

  7. Gosh! She z so urgly, stop distobing ur aged parents, go out nd work 4 urself cos i think is laziness dat worries u….lol

  8. Make una free 33yrs pretty woman,is her life make she do as she me dat is nt an galfriend fine pass her yet she dey work

  9. Beauty or no beauty everybody should work.if u can’t be employed look for a good business.remember wen thd beauty will go.then tell me wat u will eat then?……mrs beautiful.

  10. iam very beautiful bt it did nt stp me frm doing wat i went 2 do in life.whn i join force many piple wil cme and as me 2 stp my wok,sme wil say qit whn i ask dey wil say 2 me hav i rely luk at myseld in d miro d wil sa u ar so pretty u dnt ned 2 surfer dis skil iam 20yrs old sutus cme 2 my prent like water dy want 2 marry me, dy can only sa bt cant stp me…. to ur own side u ar jut a lazy prson an notine eas so lazy

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