Chris Okotie Defends “Catholics Are Going To Hell Fire” Sermon On Twitter

chris okotie catholic hell fire

Dec 3rd, 2013 – Pastor Chris Okotie Defends “Catholics Are Going To Hell” Sermon On Twitter

The founder and the Pastor in charge of Household of God, a pentecostal church in Lagos Nigeria, Rev Chris Okotie has come open days after he gave a controversial sermon about the Catholic church and Pope Francis.

In a sermon he preached this past Sunday, the eloquent preacher said his church members should pray for Catholic members all over the world because they’re worshipping satan

He also said their leader, Pope Francis is an antichrist.

Read details of his sermon here.

Few hours ago, he took to Twitter to defend his sermon saying truth is bitter.

Check out what Chris Okotie said:

58 thoughts on “Chris Okotie Defends “Catholics Are Going To Hell Fire” Sermon On Twitter

  1. Please my dear pastor I respect the anointing upon your life let’s not use this avenue to upset other denomination

  2. Waw thanks so much pastor God dey we no go reterliate from being a catholic. Am a catholic i was born a catholic, i will die a catholic by God grace. May God forgive u your sins amen

      • Crown, we’ve seen your type before–too blind to see! Ask yourself what a junky turned serial divorcee with a drug-remolded brain and with an overtly ambitious mind knows about the bible? This man and his ilk are just riding on the back of unfortunate men and women with the intention of buying a private jets and Rolex watches. But God is watching! Chikina.

        • Mala ciroma


          About Chris Okotie and the pope.
          Crown, we’ve seen your type before–too blind to see! Ask yourself what a junky turned serial divorcee with a drug-remolded brain and with an overtly ambitious mind knows about the bible? This man and his ilk are just riding on the back of unfortunate men and women with the intention of buying private jets and Rolex watches. But God is watching! Chikina.

  3. I m not surprise all his customers are finding they way from where de come out so 4 him to gain customers is to course catholic ur own done finish i give u 40 days to repent or hail fire is waiting 4 u.

  4. It amazes me hw some pple cam b so 4wrd n unreasonable. 4 Christ sake hw cld u just open ur mouth wide 2 pour stinging insults on d man of God simply bc u feels he‘s wrong, maybe by wat he said or did? It‘s so pesky. It‘s nt good @ all.

    Tania seemed 2 b d only sane person here. D rest of u, if u feel pst. Okotie is being judgemental, y nt leave him n God 2 settle it? Must u insult him? Is it God dat ask u 2 do dat 4 Him? Can u fight 4 God? Do u tink even d muslims can behave d same way 2wrds dia imams no matter wat? IGNORANCE IN FULL DISPLAY.

    Abeg una no dey try at all, Una dey fall my hands.
    U guys rily nid 2 change ur attitudes pls.

  5. enough of this retarded guy trash..awarding winning divorce and big home wrecker.even his black attire speaks volumes

  6. I dnt undstnd it wen sum one dat cals himself a pastor shal stand publically nd castigate other churches…its quite unfair pst okotie

  7. In d previous post of pst. Okotie regarding Catholics, he pointed out 2 facts dat got me tinkin… Nw all d catholics in d house who feels pst. Okotie is wrong, i hv 3 qusts 4 u 2 which i wld appreciate frank answers. I am nt a memba of his church nida do i knw whr any of it‘s branches is located.

    I‘ve asked these qusts in d previous post but NOBODY cld gv me an ans, bt they were busy crying “ crucify him, crucify him“ w/t 1st check d scripture 4 clearifications.

    My qusts:- According to Gen. 20:4-6, is it scriptural 2 BOW DOWN 2 any image/s as a form of worshipping God?
    2nd qust:- wat is PURGATORY n whr is it in d Holy Bible?
    3rd qust:- After reading Acts 4:12 & John 14:6 den tell me y we must pray 2 MARY in d hope 2 gt 2 God.
    Note:- Answers only pls, no insult bc i hv a full trailer load of it myself. So if u dnt hv answers 2 my qusts, u beta remain mute.
    D Hunter.

    • @ D Hunters…… I bet non of dem will be able 2 answer dat question u ask…..most pple er only religious nd they do nt care 2 do der homeworks well, all they do is ”follow,follow” pls 4 more info abt dem read dis book dats if u can get it…. babylon mystry….cnt remember d author dou….i tink is something EDWARD sha….bt u can goggle it nd see. Cheers.

    • if u read d bible try to understand it like words of wisdom nt like a novel, where is it written in bible, dat u woke up in d morning claim ur now anoited to be a pastor, build ur own church, in d name to enrich ur self, buy all d expensive cars, private jet, while lot of members dying of hunger. every year another wife, fake miracles, catholics do nt woship any image, is there to honour d holly 1s, tell me y are d penticostal hang fotos of there pastor in d church, y do u all beleive in d power of ordinary stickers, what would we call dat 1? all of u carry fotos of ur pastors as protection, what would we call dat 1?

    • @Hunter, I will answer your question in a while, but before then, I want to ask you these questions, why do you close your eyes when you pray, was it ever stated in the Bible? Also, why do you call Chris Okotie a Reverend have you ever seen anything like that in the Bible? Where is he wearing a white collar round his neck, was the practice in the earlier time? I can go on and on. My point is, every religion on earth has a dogma or a pattern that is used in worship. In the early church was there seats in the church? No, they were like the Jewish temples where people sat on the floor, but why are we using seats today? These are all practices that evolve over time in Christianity. Coming to Genesis 20:4-6, I will advise you check your scriptural references well these verses have nothing to do with bowing down to idols. Acts 4:12, only talked about Jesus’ position as the only means of salvation, it did not say anything about prayers to anybody. In John 14:6 Jesus was affirming the position that salvation can be attained through believing in Him alone. Catholics never relied on Mary for their Salvation, they look up to Jesus, however, because they prayed by asking Mary to intercede on their behalf does not qualify it as praying through her. Let me ask you a question once again, do think if Paul will come back to life and assess Chris Okotie’s church and other churches that criticizes others, he will be comfortable with them? I don’t think so. Reason? There has been a great change in the Church, little wonder we are able to coined arguments to counter certain things we allowed in the church. Women were not allowed to speak in public then and it is there, if we go literary by the same Bible you used for your quotes above. On the issue of purgatory, the blame is to go to the church fathers then who canonized the Bible and left several Books out,in the process many things were omitted and or left out. With time many other innovation were introduced into the church and are accepted. Where can you see the Apostle creed in the Bible? Will you say people saying it will go to hell? In ‘Our Lord’s prayer’ We now have “And thine is the Kingdom, the power and glory forever and ever.” Where was that in the Lord’s prayer in the gospel please check it. My point is, there are so many things that are allowed in the church today which do not form part of the church and it does not mean it desecrates it. In the next 2000 years, if this world will still be, people that will come after us will condemn our way of interpreting the Bible and certain dogmas we allowed in the church today. But that does not mean we were wrong. If Rev. Okotie that you are supporting is anything to go by, then I think he is the one that went contrary to Jesus’ teaching as found in Matthew 19:1-9, Jesus was explicitly clear about divorce, but what do we say in Okotie’s case? Do we condemn him to hell? He used very good English to support his position for divorce, who has the right to condemn him? Also, I read that there will be a beauty contest in his church, please D. Hunter can you tell me where in the Bible that is mentioned or instructed? But are we saying it is wrong? no! This is part of the changes of progression the church is experiencing. My point is this Sir, Christianity is a way of life that is not supposed to be tied to some certain codes. As we grow, we allow certain changes in our lives, that is how it is in Christianity. No one, I repeat No one has the right to condemn another. According to Romans 1:16-19 Paul wrote: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.” For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.” If Okotie can condemn other people, I believe he has judgement waiting for him because he distorted the truth towards his members when he told them he can divorce and remarry. Bottom line Sir, we will be justify by faith in Christ Jesus and not by blowing our trumpets or condemning others. Thank you for your time.

  8. with all respect sir if Catholic Church is worshiping Satan it is not for you to judge so with your tongue

  9. If catholic is not true religion know den dat other churches are den fake because from history Roman is a place where church are well founded and from what i red and understand dey are de one dat hold de secret of de church, remember de bible was not fully written, have U ask Urself “what happened to de remaining ones and where are de kept. As far as am concern pentecostals are ignorant of Church history. So pastor Chris homo or wot ever he call himself and his supporters know dis, no mater wot Catholic is de origin of Christianity and must be respected. Even de bible preached about one condemning ones faith because of apathy or because he/her does not belong on such class. Jesus says let de maize grow and let de weild grow too at harvest we shall separate dem. So fake pastor dat preaches for salvation and have non, don’t make Urself a god to Ur followers befor God anger rest on U. Don’t take a place of God because U want Ur followers to be impress.human Judgements is meant for God alone not any particular person(s). Don’t allow what happened to Moses’s sibling happened to U.

  10. D hunter,we r nt worshipping image/s,neither do we bowd down to idol….der’s wat we cal blessed sacrament(where d body of Christ is bin kipt afta consercatn it)dt is what catholic bow down n most tyms d blessed sacrament is kipt either below crucify or beside so wen dey enta church n bowed b4 d blessd sacrament,if u r a non catholic u ll start sayn dt catholics worship image/s…..2ndly,PURGATORY, rembr dey r so many tins nt recorded in d bible.d word purgatory may nt b in d bible bt der r so many references abt it of wich I ll try n get u bak wit d bible passages,D HUNTER. Bt rember wen God said dt d sin commitd against heavenly fad cn b 4givn n dt of his son bt sins aganist Holy spirit cn neva b 4givn evn der after,d word der afta means………….One tin in lif is ur personal relationship wit God ll tell where u r headn to nt church,n rembr his word dnt judge,all d judgement belongs 2him

  11. i can blamed any one of you,you guys have turn Church of GOD to Business Church.pastor Try To control your words?may GOD almight forgive you?amen……….Catholic Youth Organization Of Nigeria…(CYON)…..for God and for Youth……True Christ

  12. the truth is, is kneeling down to Lord Jesus christ’ statue (image) and that of Mary the mother of Jesus the right thing to do to please God?

  13. Pastor Chris ,u don’t need to talk bad abt catholic for u to get more people at ur church. Cos l knw is wat u re luking for ,u bete watch ur mouth b4 heaven will desend on u. Go n find ur self sumtin doing sirrrr

  14. When i read most of your reactions here, it baffles me how people glory in their ignorance. While i’m not here to know whose view is right or wrong, i find it too shameful and a mark of the highest state of ignorance for one to claim he or she is a catholic, will remain and die in catholic. Whether you are a catholic or pentecostal, if you don’t have Christ in you, whats the profit?
    At what time would you want to become a real human being? For me, i dont think you merit to be called so. A human being is one who THINKS, and make decisions for him or herself, not some robot that were programmed from birth to act in some certain way.

    Let us forget which church is good or bad here, let us see if we actually know ourselves as humans, Christ’s life and massages, and what a church look like. Who are the ignorant folks? Those who know the church but do not know themselves. Those who know the church but do not know God.

  15. The Roman catholic church is the based of all false religion, if the church was based realy on Gods word, it will produce good felilowers, it founded by the Romans, when Rome was the world power, the conquered so many people and turn them to their own religion weather you are idol worshipers or not what they know is come to church and pay your dues, they are after money nothing ealse, that is why you can find all sorts of people in the church, occultist, ritualist muders and all sort of people,that is the book of rev said that my people get out of them because it housed all sorts of unclean birds, not odinary wild birds, but unclean people, the same book of Rev called those flase religion the harlot, it is not odinary harlot that live in hotel rather spritual harlot, the bible said that she commite funication with the wild beast, what is the wild beast, the wild beast represents all government of the world, how did she commits funication, odinary example, you will see a bishop performing prayers at the opening ceremony of any government occassion even political paties ceremony, in turn you must notice goverment personel at any occasion done by the church, the have spritual romance.which when Jesus was on earth refused completely even when he was forced to be crown king, he said that his kingdom is not from this place also hhis follwers too.

    God will judge all, but there are some people who attend catholic, with good mind, God knows them, they are few,

  16. Jesus Said i am d way, d truth, and d life and no one comes to d Father execpt by me. Remeber he didnt say a way but d way which means d only way to d Father. Secondly after writing d bible in revelation, it Says curse be on any man dat will add or remove anything dat is writing in this book.

  17. Hello CROWN, 9ce 2 hv u here, tnx 4 ur comment, i 1da whr u were all dis yll.
    Ova 2 u MATILDA. I wnt u 2 knw & undstnd dat, anytin dat‘s outside d Holy Bible is FALSE. So if as a Catholic u urself u knw dat Purgatory is nt in d Bible yet u allowed urself 2 b fooled in2 believing it‘s existence den u hv a big prblm 2 deal wt. Ur soul is v important 2 God, odawise, He wont hv allowed His only begontten Son Jesus Christ 2 leave all His glorys in Heaven just 2 come n die 4 u & me on d cross of calvary 4 d remission of our sins. So dnt b dcved.

    Jesus Christ neva made mention of purgatory anywhr in d Bible. He made us 2 undstnd dat thr r just 2 destinations 2 which evry soul must go after death which is HEAVEN OR HELL. He didnt hide anytin 4rm us dat was meant 4 our salvation.
    I am waiting 4 dat ur references.
    D Hunter.

    • like a novel, where is it written in bible, dat u woke up in d morning claim ur now anoited to be a pastor, build ur own church, in d name to enrich ur self, buy all d expensive cars, private jet, while lot of members dying of hunger. every year another wife, fake miracles, catholics do nt woship any image, is there to honour d holly 1s, tell me y are d penticostal hang fotos of there pastor in d church, y do u all beleive in d power of ordinary stickers, what would we call dat 1? all of u carry fotos of ur pastor as protection, what would we call dat 1?

  18. Vincent or wateva u called urself, u‘re a persona non grata on dis site.
    I dnt nid ur types 2 respond 2 me coz u‘re speaking in ignorance. Y shldn‘t i ask wat i dnt knw eh? Tell me, if am asking abt wat i already knw, whr is d wisdom in dat? Whn reasonable pple r talkn, i xpect pple lk u 2 go n hide in d bush. Olodo. I await ur reply.

  19. Do u ever think that we are all serving the God we do not see. . We only attched our faith to the God we do not see. Same applied to catholic. Struture is there but faith matters. Okotie stop preaching hatred

  20. I’m very proud to be a catholic, i will remain a catholic and die as a catholic nd u so called pastor, are u sure u will not go to hell? therefore leave the judgement to God, only God can judge. His ways and thoughts are diff from humans.

  21. What is this talk about all Catholics going to hell fire.I never knew that the truth that is not bitter is that, God has made Chris Okotie or what ever he calls himself to be his judge.Having said that,I want to ask,is that the problem facing the world today?is that the problems facing Nigeria today?Is that even what Chris should be concerned about?so many problems all around the world,countries are busy ligalising same sex marriages, abortions,the innocent are being killed everyday in war zones,so many are fighting to survive their health conditions,human and natural disasters every where,children die every now and then,and yet Chris is busy condeming and passing judgement.Don´t you think that we should be seeking God´s face sincerely and asking for His mercies.Most of the happenings mentioned above may not be happening in Nigeria,but we should show concern.These are the things our pastors should inform the people about and join them to seek GOD truly.My brother,please remove the log of wood in your eyes so that you can see clearly the speak in another´s eyes.Put your house in order first.Go back to your wife Chris,show good example,fulfill the law of GOD concerning marriage and be responsible.For you my brother D hunter,please try and read Numbers 21:4-9 there you will see where God ask Moses to make a snake and put it on a pole and so on.That is not worship.The status in the catholic church are not being worshipped.I repeat,they don´t worship them.They only remind us of who they represent.I suppose you have one or two pics of those you love that remind you of them any time you look at them with love and care,does that mean that you worship them?What about the **censored tribal word** and other cultures in Nigeria who postrait before their kings,are all these of worships?.For your 2 question,you will agree with me that even the Bible says without holiness no eyes shall see GOD.And Bible says also that all have sinned and falling short of God´s glory,that not even one is righteous.So my brother, if an unrepentant rapist or a murderer dies,and another man who tries to be good and live a righteous life also dies,do you think it will be the same punishment for them?Remember nothing unclean will enter heaven,so says the Bible.So the good and righteous man, due to his short comings will be purifiled first.And for your 3rd question,I want to tell you that Mary has not and will never take the place of Jesus.She is only a good mother,(like every caring mothers)assisting her Son to win souls.When you have the time,read Rev 12:1-end,Luke1:46-55,.If you have a mother and you hold her in high esteem,then you should know that Jesus who is God himself does love his mother much more and hold her in highest esteem.We as his brothers and sisters join him in honouring her and ask her always to pray for us to her Son because she knows him better.If we can ask friends,pastors,relations to pray for us,what is then wrong in asking Mary who suffered with him and saw it all at the feet of the cross to pray for us.Think about it my brother.

  22. Matthew 4: 17-18 Read: And when they saw him (Jesus) they worshipped him; but some doubted (after his resurrection) v18: And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Catholic! pls stop asking mary 4 favour, All things belong to Jesus period!

    • catholics do nt woship mary, we ask all d holly once d angels to asist us,I wonder y u all go to church to ask ur pastors to pray 4 u! since u all know dat all power belong to jesus y nt stay at home and cominicate direct with jesus. u go and pay what is made 4 free, and they buy private jet?

  23. the members may repent and follow bible truth, but if they refuse mhhh.. not only catholic but her daughters that keep sunday as worshiping revelation 17

  24. Great words there sis Rachael, bt u c? God‘s standard differs 4rm dat of men. All ur xplanatns here r mere human ideologies nt God‘s. My sis I AM FAR 4RM BEING CONVINCED by dis ur xplanatns. Duo u sound as 1 who is rily hungry 2 knw d 2rut.

    Wat is prayn 2 Mary 2 pray 2 Jesus b4 finally gettn 2 God? Dat‘s lk approaching d mata in an indirect n roundabout manner. Stop beating abt d bush, in Matt. 11:28 Jesus said, come unto me…no procedures rmba?

    I lk ur take on d mata n tnk u 4 tkn ur tym 2 xplain bt u rily nid 2 knw d 2rut. It is d trut dat shall set u free nt church bt JESUS.

  25. Iyke der is diffence b/w holy spirit & holy angel, u’r tellin me dat catholics are asking holy angel to do d work of d holy spirit? Roman 8:26-27 Read: likewise d spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not knw what we should pray 4 as we ought, but d spirit Himself makes intercession 4 us with groaning which cannot be uttered. V27: Now He who (Jesus) searches d heart knws what d mind of d spirit is, becus he makes intercess for the saint according to d wil of God…. As a true christian wen u call d name Jesus christ, d spirit of God wil move, Jesus christ is d one dat interces 4 us in d presence of Almighty God, witout Jesus d spirit of God wil not move, not holy angel or mary preiod!

  26. Religion is a virus to africa,we african need to open our eyes properly,we all human have the gift from God we can move the mountain if u believe on ur self… if we can overcome fear of witches from our mind ..we should 4get all this trick stars pastors around the world. If your mind is clean every thing will go well with u,we should 4get about the holy book says.

  27. D hunter my dear brother´,I don´t know what you mean by human ideologies.That Mary is the mother of Jesus or that the angel God sent to her who greeted her first ever by saying (Hail Mary,full of grace);is that what you call human ideologies?I adviced and begged you to take out time to read some of the Bible quots,and think seriously about it. Ask the Holy Spirit to direct you.His is the Greatest of all Teachers.My brother if you do that sincerely from your heart,and like somebody who is realy dieing to know the truth about the role of Mary in the salvation of mankind,and if you really believe in the power of the Holy Spirit,trust me,He will tell you,even more than you need to know.Have you ever wonder why God decided to bring Jesus to the world through Mary,when He can just say My Son go and meet with my people because He can do all things.Instead,He choose Mary for Jesus to come through her.This is very significant.See in this present time and age,one has to be very careful because the things that are of God are the things people now despised most .So my dear watch it.

  28. All I know is that therein no church/denomination in heaven. Your heart is your place of worship to God. God is not interested in the church you attend. So why not stop all these discrimination and focus on having a sound relationship with your God?

  29. This site is very interesting. I have been here for the past 2 hours non stop.kudos to the operators

  30. can this man called pastor tell us hw his church came to existance. am proud to be a catholic. he shld remember all churches came out from catholic church. so catholic church is his mother church.

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