“Christmas Must Be Banned In Israel”- Jewish Extremist Benzi Gopstein Wants Christians Expelled

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December 23, 2015 – Jewish Extremist Benzi Gopstein Calls For Ban Of Christmas Celebrations In Israel, Says Christians Should Be Expelled From Jerusalem 

“Christmas Celebrations Must Be Banned In Israel”- Jewish Extremist Benzi Gopstein Says Christians Should Be Expelled

A Jewish extremist has called for the expulsion of Christians from Israel and a ban on Christmas.

Benzi Gopstein, the founder and leader of Lehava Sect says Christmas has no place in the Holy Land because Israel belongs to the Jews.

He also made an insensitive statement on his website about Christians.

This is what Gopsetein wrote on his website recently:

“Let us remove the vampires (referring to Christians) before they once again drink our blood,”.

Benzi Gospstein Jewish sect, Levaha was founded to prevent marriage between Arabs and Jews.

According to Times of Israel, the group recently patrolled downtown Jerusalem looking for mixed couples to attack.

Israeli has over 160,000 Christians who are getting ready to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christians in Israeli are now calling on Israeli’s PM to investigate Benzi Gospstein for the insensitive statement.

4 thoughts on ““Christmas Must Be Banned In Israel”- Jewish Extremist Benzi Gopstein Wants Christians Expelled

  1. kiki kiki kiki…..I dey laugh in Chinese.

    Where are our christian bruh/sis to condemn dickhead?

    Is Judaism is to be blamed for his utterances?

    At least Brunei PM only proposed public ban not banning xmas.

    But this guy here called for complete eradication of xmas.

    So who hate the christian the most, muslims or the Jews?

    I know some Christians are gonna come here to defend this mofo

  2. Christmas is a day set aside for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the Gregorian and Hilgorian Calendar, It is not actually the expected birthday of Jesus Christ. For this religious Atheists who flung themselves to be Christians yet fight to ban what has nothing to do with their Christian race is a hit to the moral Ethics of Christianity. Where in the bible is it stated that celebration is wrong. What u sow that u will reap. ( Christmas will never take any1 to heaven so, He should concentrate on important things and leave Christmas alone to be celebrated moreover, its a tym some less privilege gain help or support from friends and families as a sign of Love and Unity). Oops Hmmmmmmmmmm!.

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