Comedian Lepacious Bose: I’m A Lawyer Called To Bar In 2010

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Oct 25, 2015 – Comedian Lepacious Bose: I’m A Lawyer Called To Bar In 2010

Excerpts from Bose Ogunboye’s recent chat with TS Weekender

How did you come about Lepacious Bose as stage name?

The whole thing is about my big frame. I used to hear people ask why I am this bold and still call myself Lepacious Bose; and everybody is wondering. But that irony is also the comic part of it. They say someone is Lepacious, you expect to see a very skinny chap and then somebody very big comes and you ask ‘what’s this?’ That is comedy.

When did you start comedy?
I have been a comedian since my university days. So, it was just normal for me to follow through upon my graduation

So, you did not search for job after your graduation?
I tried to work but my passion for comedy was more than anything. I love comedy so much.

What course did you study?

I studied Law. I am a lawyer by my original profession. I was called to the Bar in 2010 but I don’t practice. I had always wanted to be an actress. So, I first studied Theatre Arts, graduated from the University of Ibadan and later went back to study Law. It is just that the comedy opportunity presented itself in a way that I could not refuse, and I found myself in the industry.

What would you say are the challenges facing female comedians in Nigeria?

One of the major problems is that women don’t cope very well with embarrassment. Comedy is not like music, where, if people don’t feel you, you cannot know because the noise would not even allow you to find out. But in comedy, if you can’t make them laugh, you can see it on their faces; you can see it in their reactions and in their body language. Women always find it difficult to handle the pain and emotional trauma that follows such situation. But as for men, they will just walk away unperturbed, and say, ‘it didn’t work today, tomorrow it will work’.

Your effort to streamline your weight seems to be paying off, isn’t it?

I have lost some weight now and I can now wear pant trousers and leggings comfortably. I tried to shed some weight by working out regularly. I learnt that swimming helps fat people to slim down, so, I bought swim wears and began to learn how to swim.

What was your ugly swimming experience?

Ahh! It occurred when I travelled to South Africa. My little nephew was teaching me how to swim and I didn’t know when I went to the deep end of the swimming pool and everyone jumped out of the pool. I was drowning, just as people were screaming. My nephew just sat somewhere and was laughing. He told those around that they shouldn’t mind me; that I was performing for them. He said I was his aunt and a Nigerian comedienne who always makes people laugh.

What new projects are you working on?

I have been busy doing my work. I have done a couple of films. I have shot about five movies this year, and most of them are in post-production.

What has kept you going?

It’s the grace of God that has kept me strong. You cannot make it in this industry if you don’t have God on your side.

What is your advice to up-and-coming comedians?

Just believe in yourself and trust God. It doesn’t get any easier; in fact, it gets tougher by the day. People think that once you make it in the profession, that all will be well, no. It becomes more demanding and more challenging when you become a star. The more successful you become, the more challenging it gets.

[Reported By Joy Umukoro]

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  1. @Nifemi & Bello your comments stink.Lepacious is richer than both of you join together. You see talent instead of you to appreciate her . She had two degrees even if she decides not practise law the knowledge of law she have will make her outstanding among her mates.

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