Comedian Princess Damilola’s Marriage Has Crashed “Why I Left My Husband”

princess damilola marriage crashed

January 10, 2014 – Comedian Princess Damilola Adekoya Confirms Marriage Crash “Why I Left My Husband”

Popular Nigerian comic star, Princess Damilola Adekoya has ended her marriage of less than one year.

Last year, the talented comedienne married a struggling movie producer, Mr Jeremiah Adeshola in Lagos state Nigeria.

Days after a viral rumour about their marriage crash, Damilola herself has confirmed the collapse. She explained that her marriage crashed over irreconcilable differences.

“Yes, my marriage has ended due to irreconcilable differences. We have been having issues since the wedding but we still remained together hoping that we would be able to work it out. But apparently, we couldn’t work it out, hence the reason for our separation. We actually ended it several months ago but we didn’t want to make it public. I am sure God knows best,” Princess told audience at a comedy show in Onikan, Lagos.

Days after her confirmation offline, she also took online to shed more light on the marriage crash.

“God says Luv odas & 4give. He didn’t say ‘Take leave of ur brain & let dem destroy u’ or ‘Change them’. Deal wit ur issues, Dey are plenty enuf!” she tweeted.

Sources close to the comedy star also gave some hint on what caused the marriage crash.

Princess confided in a close friend that it was the very week that they got married that she got to know the guy’s intention fully.

According to the source, two weeks into their union, they started having problem. Rather than having the crack patched, the trouble festered until both decided to give each other a breather after two months of tolerating each other.

“Princess felt she could change some of those findings but her effort proved abortive until she decided to quit the marriage,” the source said.

Another source blamed the collapse on Princess who was said to have rushed into the marriage, without bothering to understudy Adeshola, all because she felt age was no longer on her side.

“Her desperation to be married was her greatest mistake which makes her fall into the hands of an opportunist who disguise as a lover,” another source told P.M.NEWS.

He explained that Adeshola, as a struggling movie producer, had allegedly married Princess with intention that she could help lift his status in the entertainment industry.

Others have also laid the blame on the part of Princess whose celebrity status dwarfed that of her husband, and she didn’t pay attention to that attitude problem of her man.

A source who claimed to have run into the couple in one of the highbrow restaurants while still together narrated how the husband seemed so uncomfortable as Princess did the ordering of their meals and publicly brought out her bank debit cards (ATM cards) and instructed the husband on which of the cards to be used to pay for the service.

“That guy looked deflated as many eyes caught what’s going on between the Princess as a celebrity and her husband at that restaurant,” the source revealed.

It was gathered that Adeshola attempted to curtail his wife’s high profile and celebrity lifestyle but he could not and when he got tired, he decided to take a walk.

On the 8th of May 2013, the couple did a lavish wedding ceremony in Ikoyi Lagos. The reception followed immediately at Balmoral Event center in Oregun Lagos.

comedian princess damilola marriage crash

The wedding was officiated by Prophet Gabriel O Fakeye of C&S Movement Church, Ayo Ni o.

Princess Damilola is planning to file for divorce soon. Damilola’s marriage has been rated the shortest celebrity marriage in Nigeria.

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  1. He have a very small brain,why must you start what you can’t end,we know that when a woman is Financially stable than his man it is always difficult to be submissive,modest,unassertive,and you know that he who pays the piper dictates the tune,from the pic he look shabby humiliated outrageous reprehensible,mr man marriage is love not looking for affluence.. prosperity and for you princess you ‘re a disgrace rushing over marriage. look for a man get you pregnant…

  2. the way you celebrity brags over this your funny short term husband and contractors husband sounds unreal. take for instance funke(jennifer)who brag so uncontrolable about her bisness centre husband as if she would stay to the end and now same thing has happen to this princess who narrated on hw she met this dubius looking boys to men husband. now with all that appraisal they could not not stay happy even a week after the weeding. no matter what flaters you learn to pray before final deals.

  3. Mere looking at the two, they did not make good combination at all. But princess would have beared whatever is the matter because she is not beautiful nor age been on her side. Inspite of all the questions she claimed she asked her ex. The marriage crashed after two weeks. Rubbish…

  4. The one’s that can walk out of marriage are beautiful young damsels like Oge Okoye, Chika Ike. Funke Akindele. Not old woman like this. You should be after making babies and not taking a walk. At your age, you are expected to weather any form of storm. Pet your spouse and do anything possible to remain married. Because no time no time…

  5. dis ppl una don kill princess finish 4 here oh. Nawa o. D first tym I saw dat Queen princess, d name is over hyped on d air wave. And i was looking up to see sexy,skimpy and kingly-nutoured angel, only 4 me to see one big orobbo kiboo and they were like dis is de princess and I was like ”WHAT” they said dats princess u vbeen hearing. I really feel offended by d industry dat night for dat gross mistake. Haahaa

  6. Must evry woman get married. Nawo o! Afta spendin lavishly on ur weddin ceremony. Money wey u 4 giv charity…penny wise pound folish.

  7. Am sick of all ur noise……plzz princess it only a matter of tym u will soon get over it, jst don’t mind wot some nuisance are saying

  8. Hmmmmmmmmm,u pple can be so funny wif dis different comments u’re dropping,b4 u say anytin,u gat to hear frm d husband’s s well.

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