Confession Of A Ritualist In Ebonyi State – I Killed 11 Virgins For Money Ritual

confession of a ritualists

April 13, 2013 – Confession Of A Ritualist In Ebonyi State – I Killed 11 Virgins For Money Ritual

The love of money is the root of all evil, so says the Bible. This aphorism aptly captures the experience of a 20-year-old man, Agu Nwanu, who said he delved into voodoo practices and money ritual in a bid to get rich by all means.

Nwanu told the reporter that at the peak of his foray into voodooism, he, alongside a traditional priest, slaughtered 11 young virgins for money rituals at a village in Ebonyi State. According to him, right from his childhood, he had made up his mind to serve the devil in order to become rich.

He took the decision, he noted, as a 15-year-old young lad in his village in Ebonyi State. Agu’s reason for insisting on serving the devil was that his father, who served God all his life was also poor all his life. Said he:

“When I was growing up, I never wanted to be as poor as my father. I had wanted to become not just rich but very wealthy. I reasoned that I had to serve the devil in order to become very wealthy.

Source – Daily Sun

15 thoughts on “Confession Of A Ritualist In Ebonyi State – I Killed 11 Virgins For Money Ritual

  1. Why is it that ibo people so much love and they claim to be christian . Just look 20 ears old man his thoughts.the elders must find a solution to this elvil

    • U call ur self alex koko or wot so ever in a case like dis if u dnt hv comment 2 make or dnt no wot 2 say u beta remain calm dan 2 open up ur wild mouth n vomit such a nasty word, IGBO PEOPLE

  2. You have made the wrong choice in life and thereby shortened your life span. You will face the result of your decision here and in hell. The devil has deceived you and you fell for it.

  3. U are idiot by calling dat name igbo people,wat about ur yeye yoruba people are we not better dat yoruba people?Zombie

  4. @alex koko, pls mind hw u talk ok. That individual choose to leave a life the way he wants dosen’t tag it all igbos….if u hate money stop going to work nor biz..

    • d way to secure our vergin one,s is to put dem in to our yarch, locke dem in our toilet, put dem inside carbold, lock dem inside freez and also hide dem in inside warehouse ok

  5. I benefits me to make money and rest my soul in he’ll fire cos there is no profit in being poor perhaps people like dangote and adenuga will pay their way to make heaven, Time waits for no body

  6. @ alex koko, i can see you are 1 of those mad people in the streets.
    if your father or mother had teached you to mention igbos in that manner then its not mistake that you pertook thier madness

  7. my own is that istead of me to remain in poor till my time of death, is better i fight for that money by all means, highest when we reach heaven, then we reason two outside with oga nwe oru. Because i believe in vanity, you may claim that you are a christian, but a little sin can depart you from entering that gate

  8. It is very bad for some one whoes god create to engage in this act, on no acout should you say that money wil make you go into ritual art. so i advice evrybody that allready have in mind how to get money in wrong way to change their decission, for it is sin before the lord almighty

  9. The root of money is evil! You sold ur soul to.the devil. Do u know the kind of destiny you are blessed with? You concluded out of ignorance that you will be poor more reason why you killed innocent souls. May God Almighty reward you according to your deeds.

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