Convicted Armed Robber Sentenced To Death By Hanging In Akure For Stealing Generator & N100K

convicted armed robber death sentence akure

October 27, 2017 – Man Sentenced To Death By Hanging In Akure Ondo State For Stealing Generator & N100K

A middle-aged man, Yahaya Bashiru was on Thursday the 26th of October 2017 sentenced to death by a High Court in Akure Ondo state.

Justice S.A Abola found the convict guilty of robbery, stealing and illegal possession of firearms after he allegedly robbed one Mrs Bukola Ademola of her belongings and money amounting to N100,000 on two occasions and on another occasion stole her generator in Akure Ondo state back in December 2015.

Bashiru, who pleaded not guilty to the five-count charge, was said to be an ex-convict.

The complainant said she was returning from her shop when the convict robbed her.

A witness, Olakanmi Otadokun, said the police recovered a locally-made gun and other weapons from the convict.

Delivering her judgement, Justice Bola sentenced the convict to death by hanging.

7 thoughts on “Convicted Armed Robber Sentenced To Death By Hanging In Akure For Stealing Generator & N100K

  1. Jail is enough. Death sentence?, that’s out of line.I am just wondering if this is saudi or Pakistan, you will see crazy hypocrites flood this place condemning them.This roughly is so unfair.

    Politicians should get this type of sentence

  2. The judgment is too harsh, even though he is an armed robber who can kill and maim, looking at other armed robbery cases who are having a field day on social media, I think he should be sentenced to life imprisonment rather than death

  3. Death is the penalty for armed robbery in Nigeria. He was an habitual robber who repeatedly robbed people, so I guess it was only a matter of time before he killed someone, especially whoever resisted. People don’t carry weapons without intent to use them. Like I always say, people need to think of the consequences before doing the act.

  4. The judgement passed on this poor soul man is too harsh. What have you done to stupid bastards politicians both immediate and the past who stole billions of Naria and millions of foreign currencies. Are they not deserve to be sentenced to death by hanging. Even the judge himself is he clean of stealing of theft either by bribe or by any other means. Yes for having arsenals, he had intention of using them but the investigation has not mentioned the time he used the weapons since he has been in robbery business. He deserves to be punished but not sentenced by hanging please.
    Abbey London

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