Cossy Orjiakor Reveals Love For Mikel Obi ” I Love Seeing Footballer’s Thing Dangle In Their Shorts”

cossy orjiakor mikel obi

March 15, 2013 – Cossy Orjiakor Reveals Love For ‘Handsome’ Mikel Obi ” I Love Seeing Footballer’s Thing Dangle In Their Shorts”

Highly controversial Nollywood actress-turned singer, Cossy Orjiakor has revealed her hidden love for Nigerian footballer John Mikel Obi.

In a recent interview, the singer said she loves seeing footballer’s thing dangle in their shorts.

Interview excerpts below;

Who is your favourite Nigerian footballer?

(smiles)I don’t want to mention names. Whenever I am watching a football match instead of enjoying the game I derive joy in watching how the players’ ‘thing’ dangle in their shorts and their muscles too. It’s romantic indeed. It trips me and you know what it means and the consequence…

Which of the Nigerian players have you watched in action that tripped you?

Okay here you come again. I won’t mention his name but I can give you a clue by mentioning the name of his club if you insist.

So what is the name of the club?
It’s Chelsea.

Is it Mikel Obi?

I think you should be talking about Mikel Obi.You might be absolutely correct. I will say yes if you think you guessed right.

What do you like about Mikel?
He is a cool and handsome dude, you know. During the Nations Cup which Nigeria won he emerged as one of the sexiest footballers in South Africa.

31 thoughts on “Cossy Orjiakor Reveals Love For Mikel Obi ” I Love Seeing Footballer’s Thing Dangle In Their Shorts”

  1. Chaai Cossy again? The only thing she enjyos seeing is the male genitals. May God have mercy on you and plz and plz if u want to live long avoid Cossy she is Evil…

  2. to cossy, na only mikel & other footballer’s genitals u dey view, u no dey see all dis mad men genitals wey no dey wear clothes. at least they can also serve u. ashanti

  3. dis one don crazy ooo …..she don chop witch abeg dont mind her if u sabi pass go f**k witch you are on ur own …….oyo!!!!!!!!!!…………..

  4. Which kind madness?**obi abeq no dul dis kind girl na 2**use and dump**c my john thomas don dey even charge 4 anoda man biz

  5. Igbo people,make i ask una this girl get parent ,if yes then they should take this ashawo 4 delivrance befor she spread the virus where she get 4 body.idiot girl.

  6. I am begging the good people of this forum that we should please pray for Mikel, because Satan has tune his frequency through his agent in the person of cossy to Mikel. I know that cossy is possesed but I never knew that her level of demonic possession is too great like this. Why can’t she try American porn Industry where she will jamp those gigantic guys that will give her even more than what she cannot carry and why should the media give her attention all the time. She is a disgrace to Nigeria, and I thought if at all she has a religion.

  7. wish footballer thing u dey see, you this shameless fool, infact search google for the biggest breast in the world, you go no say that your own na small thing…….

  8. Piyanda may God bless u.Cossy shld also watch out 4 d genitals of mad men.At least she’ll hv a complete view.
    Devil incarnate !

  9. U’re simply too OLD & too wild for d boy. He’s also married wit a kid! Let him be! Don’t spoil d boy I beg. U’ve got nothing to offer!!!

  10. The number you gave me the last tym you came to Nigeria i have lost it pls can i get new one ,,, Mikel Obi

  11. You should all grow up there’s nothing wrong with cossy saying what’s on her mind freedom of speech I’m most of u ladies think the same but lack the balls to say it.

  12. Lwkmd.Am tired of laughing oo. The lady is expressing her feelings for Obi nwa.But,i no understand this her love 4 Mikel ooo. U ppl won’t kill me here.

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