Couple Loses Only Child Due To Nurses’ Incompetence, Abandons Corpse In Hospital

couple loses only child nurses negligence

June 27, 2017 – Couple Loses Only Child Due To Nurses’ Negligence, Abandons Corpse In Hospital

The death of Tobi Bakare, a 14-year-old boy has sparked a legal battle between his parents and an Ikeja based hospital.

Tobi, the only child of Mr and Mrs Akeem Bakare, died on June 13, three days after he was admitted in the hospital.

His parents are blaming his death on the hospital’s negligence.

But the police have absolved the hospital of any wrong doing, claiming that the boy suffered from a terminal illness.

The bereaved parents, who have refused to collect their child’s remains, accused the hospital of placing him on a plastered oxygen cylinder, which they claimed he choked on.

In a petition to Police Commissioner Fatai Owoseni, written through the law firm of Bodede & Bodede, the Bakares accused the hospital of killing Tobi through its negligence.

According to Mrs. Bakare, Tobi was taken to the hospital situated on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, after he suffered a toothache and ran temperature. She said he was diagnosed of malaria.

She said the hospital’s staff on night duty on June 12 refused to listen to her request that another oxygen be brought when she observed that the one her son was on was almost finished.

The woman said: “We took Tobi to the hospital on June 10. He was tested and diagnosed of malaria and the hospital told us an expert (paediatrician) would come and he came on June 12 and saw the CT Scan we did. He said we were lucky. Tobi was given oxygen and when I observed and pointed out that the oxygen will soon finish, the nurses on duty were shouting me down that I shouldn’t teach them their job.

“I complained about a lot of things at the ward. There was no wheelchair to take Tobi to the ward the day he was admitted. There was also no ambulance to take us for scan. We had to pay the laboratory N5,000 to bring their own ambulance to the hospital. The ward was mosquito infested; they never changed bedsheets and only cleaned the ward once a day with ordinary water. I also complained that the nurses were never observant. I was the one who usually called their attention when drip was not flowing or something was wrong.

“I kept complaining about the plastered and leaking oxygen. I also told the nurses to change the one he was on since it was almost finished and they might soon sleep but they refused. When the nurses later came to check him, it was too late. After my discovery and call to them to replace the finished oxygen, the doctor and nurses could not do it. They called an elderly man downstairs, who ‘fiddled and fixed’ but definitely, no oxygen passed and around 3am when they woke up, the boy was found dead as he had been on empty cylinder.

“There was mucus in his mouth, which was not sucked all night. He died with plenty choking mucus. I observed that the cylinder was leaking and the doctor plastered it. I told them it was still leaking but they ignored me. My son died as a result of the negligence of the nurses and doctor on duty. I reported to a doctor and also put it in writing because I told them I was not going to let them get away with their actions.”

In the letter to Owoseni, the lawyers described the incident as “a clear case of negligence”.

“A patient approaching a doctor expects medical treatment with all the knowledge and skill that the doctor possesses to bring relief to his medical problems. A breach of any of these duties gives a cause of action for negligence against the doctor.

“We are therefore imploring you to kindly arrest, investigate, detain and prosecute the hospital and its staff and bring them to justice. On our part, we pledge to provide the necessary logistics to enable your office deal with this matter in accordance with the provisions of our laws.”

[The Nation]

4 thoughts on “Couple Loses Only Child Due To Nurses’ Incompetence, Abandons Corpse In Hospital

  1. SUCH A SAD ONE! WOMAN, IF YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY IS true, I hope you had remembered to take a snapshot of the leaking container prior to the death of your son. From all indications, the hospital management might have bribed their way into the hearts of the policemen, and they could extend that base gesture to the judges and lawyers in the court if this case eventually gets there. Concrete evidence is what you need to get justice, and a snapshot of the leaking oxygen container is a good place to start.

    BE THAT AS IT MAY, I hope that a post-mortem would lead to what we are looking for. Sorry for your loss!

  2. sooooo sad, may God have mercy and Holy Spirit please console this family please, its hard but you alone can comfort them

  3. Why didn’t you take your son from the stinking failed hospital? Why endure 10 minutes of all those shit? Is it because of the money you already paid? You didn’t want to use another one somewhere? You could have called another hospital to bring their ambulance, and oxygen tank to take your child away. That is you could have stayed with him while your husband locates a different hospital to arrange all that very fast. Then later you can sue the former hospital for negligence and refund. I can never take that kind of rubbish. Why let the nurses shout at you in the first place? Why take even the first rudeness? Why not call the police on them to force them change the tank? Now you have the rest of your money to spare but your little handsome angel is no more. This is very sad. I rather empty my bank account finding a private hospital or serious humble hospital, lease a private room and get an extra tank etc in the room paying specific nurses who will be there with us to tend to the kid round the clock and with deep respect. Even if there was hardly money, I would go hungry and encourage my kid to eat with patience to eat the best food or what he can stomach for now with strong sympathetic love, then give him a very good malaria drug to start with, cuddling and pampering him to get well which will take down the temperature and mucus. I would suck out that mucus with my own mouth and spit them out, give him resucitaion exercises to help him breath, bath and wash him with hot or warm water depending on his temperature etc There is so much your love could have done than those stupid nurses. All these while still take the child to a better hospital, quickly get my partner to sell any TV, chairs, fridge etc at home. Better to have a sofa and a bed at home than all these and loose your angel you carried in your womb for 9 months. Many of those nurses are witches and wizards and hoping for the worst to befall you. Nothing is too small nor big to quickly sell or pawn for your loved ones. 14 years of child rearing filled with unconditional love erased just like that? It’s time people stop taking nonsense from all these cultist nurses and get police to give you a refund of your money back immediately you noticed the stinking services and environment. Also save money aside for emergency, it doesn’t mean you are praying for evil to befall your family. It’s common sense. Those idiots are eating blood money and excreting it out in their houses while you mourn. Why take the nonsense in the first place. You are paying them, they don’t give a damn about you not do they pay your rent nor salary! So why take all these nonsense and let your angel die?!! You are not out to impress those forming beggers in white cloak. They are the ones to impress you, but they have relied heavily on the typical fearful response of poverty mentality from people who don’t know their rights, to treat you the same way. Rise and fight for your right and those of your kid, his parents already paid the stupid hospital and he needed the proper care, love, respect and treatment. So you sat and complained till your child died?!! Gosh!!!!!! Have you forgotten this is a wicked world and you need to look out for yourselves?!!! Get your children tested every 4 to 6 months for general check up to prevent even simple malaria. And make your household sleep in mosquito nets. Spray sniper every two days around your house. Get an out door camp net to relax while you chill to let the insecticide ease off around the house. Cook and make sure your kids don’t eat filthy food outside. They are your priceless jewels. Invest in bottle water or boiled water from a good borehole. Give your kids recommend supplements time to time. Healthiness is true wealth, you cannot buy it, you already have it, and you can only sustain it. To you the bereaved parents please make sure you get justice for your kid. Black, white, african or white, your right is still the same and you don’t need to beg for it. Fight for it with passion. Some animals already know they are hellbound and don’t care weather you live, die or join them. So protect yourself with a no nonsense attitude!

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