Cow Arrested For Murder Of Man In Ogun State, Nigeria By Police

nigerian police arrest cow for murder

April 30, 2013 – Nigerian Police Arrest A Cow Over Murder Of Man In Ogun State

The cow is presently giving the police valuable lead regarding the murder.
The cow also confessed to the  police and gave an eyewitness account on the incident.

Corruption reloaded… Nigerian Police officials are very funny.

Below is a detail report on the arrest of a cow in Ogun state recently.

The police at Sango Ota, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, have arrested a cow following the killing of a 24-year old man identified as Azeez Salako at Ilata area of Ota, a suburb of Ogun State.

P.M.NEWS gathered that youths in Ilata Ota were planning to hold a carnival on Saturday 27 April, 2013 and there was an argument between some of the youths which led to a fight and one of the boys identified as Dayo broke a bottle which he used to stab Salako in the neck and he bled to death.

When the police arrived at the scene of the fracas everyone had fled leaving behind the cow bought for slaughter during the carnival and the police arrested the cow and took it to the station where it is currently being detained. When P.M.NEWS visited Sango Area Command where the incident was reported, both the Area Commander ACP Titi Kayode and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Sango Division CSP Dibie were not available for comment. However, a source at the station who confirmed the incident on condition of anonymity said the suspected killer is on the run as no arrest has been made.

“Both the Area Commander and the DPO are not around now. We are still investigating the matter as no arrest has been made. The person who was alleged to have stabbed the deceased is on the run. It is only the cow the youths wanted to use for the carnival that was brought from the scene,” said the source.

The cow was present at the incident so it qualifies as a material witness and must be questioned by the Chief inspector of the Police Station…LOL

[By Yusuf Muhammed, PM News]

14 thoughts on “Cow Arrested For Murder Of Man In Ogun State, Nigeria By Police

  1. Why would you call the cow it……. cow wey them arrest na him you still dey call it?

  2. Nawa oo, the cow is innocent oo. Make dem go find the killer and free the innocent cow oo. Naija police no get work.

  3. Some police people i see now that they are stupid,how can they arrrrrrest a cow for murdering a human being? Even if you see it with cutlas or gun. I don’t think it’s proper.

    • Fortunately, a cow can provide evidence, if the DNA of the COW ROPE & the COW BODY WERE taken ,to identify people on the occasion. That may lead to few arrests. Eventually will develop clues to the real criminal .

  4. Dis one na partiality ke, Why dem no lock d cow for cell now, if na human dem go lock am for cell behind bars with chain for em neck. Abi d cow don bribe dem coconut-head police; e bi laik say d cow get beta lawyer self dat is why em dey calm. Dis our Naija police sef, na wa for una o.

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