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Coza Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Denies Sex Scandal In Abuja “Ese Walter Has A Marine Spirit” – Sources

pastor biodun fatoyinbo sex scandalPastor Biodun & wife

August 26, 2013 – Coza Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Denies Ese Walter’s Alleged Sexual Affairs In Abuja

Ese Walter Has A Marine Spirit” – sources

One of the cutest pastors in Nigeria, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo who currently serves at COZA, Common Wealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja has finally spoken up on his alleged sexual affair, scandal with one Ese Walter.

On Sunday, COZA church received high number of visitors and people who wanted to see his face since the lady claims she had an affair with him.

Hear what Pastor Fatoyinbo told his congregation on Sunday:

“I am sure you have read a lot about me on Twitter and social networks. You can’t imagine how many people have called me…everyone is telling me, don’t talk, that is the painful part but because I am your pastor and I don’t like to take you for granted, I still want to bend it a little bit to talk about it. Even up until this morning, calls from everywhere, even when I switch off my phone, they call my associates, tell him to ignore it, he should just move on. Some have been to our land and they are like wow, we understand”

“Now read my lips, I know there are people here that are not part of our church, read my lips, we are going to speak but we are consulting to come out with a robust reply. Before then I will not say anything, but I owe it to you as members that have made me proud and have made God proud.

Now you may sit down and say, why would they tell you that, in the first place. From this pulpit there are some things we don’t say. Maybe you remember that 2 years ago, we lost somebody in our family, I came to church, I preached, I danced, I didn’t say it. That was even deeper for me because my destiny is not in anybody’s hand…that loss was deeper for me than even this and I didn’t talk so don’t think it is a makeup. That is what we have been asked to do. When we asked God, God said be quiet. Thank you”

Sources claim men should beware of that Eze Walter girl because she has a marine spirit.

Ese walter marine spirit

Her mission is either to make popular men of God fall or tarnish their image. May God deliver her.

Another lady who identified herself as Franca E also claims the pastor abused her sexually a while back and she decided to keep quite for one reason or the other.

She is now speaking up to support her sister, Eze Walter.

Hear what Franca said;

“My encounter with Pastor Biodun had been a long dead and buried issue. I only commented because people were calling Ese a liar and I knew first hand that something like that had nearly happened to me. However, now they are involving my family especially my sick father.  Whatever meeting whoever had with my father has no bearing on my life because he does NOT speak for me. For those sending me threatening texts, what I possess is my best security. I have taken the precaution of making copies of all that I have and entrusted it to two people who would send them out if I turn up dead…be it from armed robbery, kidnapping, sickness, poison, planecrash, heart attack, car accident or even childbirth. As my last word on this issue, I remind you that I, Franca E, is protected by ‘a level of grace you don’t understand’! Peace.”

Pastors should try and avoid too much closeness with ladies nowadays… It could lead to something else in the future.

On a more serious note, that Pastor is truly blessed.

Truth be told he is tall and handsome. I guess ladies couldn’t just resist him… Hmmm

His wife should be very prayerful.



  1. Uzoma

    August 26, 2013 at 10:46 PM

    Not all igbo ladies have marine spirits and not all of us lack home training.
    The ones who dated mad men like fani are the ones who need to check themselves.

    I’m an Igbo woman married to a Yoruba man and never cheated on him.

    • Chinny

      August 27, 2013 at 6:06 PM

      Point of correction: Her name is Ese Walter. Ese is not Igbo but Edo/Delta. Igbo language EZE is male name which means KING. And only a man bears that.

  2. Jayb

    August 26, 2013 at 10:49 PM

    Igbo ladies like tall and handsome men with money.
    I will never forget a woman I onced loved Lizzy who dumped me 4 a wealthy man
    As an Itsekiri man, I will never marry an Igbo woman NOT IN THIS LIFE

  3. Nancy

    August 26, 2013 at 11:18 PM

    Eze you should be ashamed of urself. r u aware he is married before u sell urself too cheap. u’re a prostitute. Ndi ara

    • mrs ohio

      August 28, 2013 at 1:31 PM


  4. Ladun

    August 26, 2013 at 11:19 PM

    This lady is not even beautiful if it’s true, what did d pastor saw in her. it must have been a marine spirit in the first place. who am i to judge him.

  5. Merriah

    August 26, 2013 at 11:37 PM

    ur case is a sorry case eze u better repent before it’s too late. what popularity has this scandal brought you.

  6. somebody sensible

    August 26, 2013 at 11:53 PM

    I think that we should just know that that man is a man of God!!! Trust me and God is so aware of everything and He’s going to come out of this a victor. Infact he’s out already.. Must people are just attacking his shadows. And in whatever we say let’s all say it with Good knowlege and conviction from God.. All the commentor I’ve been seeing are christians I pressume and I appeal we shoul act like Jesus would.. Since He is our perfect model! Note: the bible says to investigate and hold on to that which is right. If you don’t have an oppurtunity, means and a discerning spirit to investigate. Don’t use your mouth to Judge or abuse orpoint fingers.. God watches over us all! Sleep well

    • Komasi

      August 26, 2013 at 11:55 PM

      @somebody sensible, you’re right on point

  7. Blessing

    August 27, 2013 at 12:42 AM

    Pastor Biodun beware many evil ladies like franca and eze are plenty in abuja today. Avoid them like disease

  8. hj

    August 27, 2013 at 5:20 AM

    This girls might be wrong in the sense that they went into an affair with a married man, but I must say let’s not conclude by casting them cos I trust no man. This soul called men of God are into a lot behind their church members. That’s why I would advice, worship God and not man.

    • patoya

      August 27, 2013 at 2:32 PM

      Wise saying my brother.

    • Don

      August 27, 2013 at 5:20 PM

      You are very correct.if u see the way most girls rush to fellowship,church activites and sunday services u wil tink that they really want to go and worship God not knowing dat their mind is fixed at how to seduce their pastor.More over,most pastors these days are follow my lips and forget my character,that is their second name.

  9. Jihad

    August 27, 2013 at 8:45 AM

    What! Dont worry, pastor you can lie to us but you cant lie b4 GOD. He knows what you think, He knows what you will do next week.

    If you did it, repent.

    If did not do it, be happy.

  10. Bose

    August 27, 2013 at 2:37 PM

    God is not mocked, whatever a man soweth shall he reap. I do not believe the girl has a marine spirit, if yes, why was she allowed to be part of the church worker without going through deliverance session? God sees everything that happened between the girl and the pastor. She has come out boldly to confess and I am very sure God has forgiven her, but those who believed she lied against the pastor, my prayer as a believer is that the Almighty God who is not respecter of persons will one day expose whoever is lying in this matter. People should be mindful of passing comments on this matter because it a sensitive issue. God is the only one who will judge this matter aright.

  11. id

    August 27, 2013 at 6:26 PM

    Psalms 7:11 says”God judges the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day” He would judge this case and very soon the truth would be made public. There is no hiding place for the wicked.

  12. linda

    August 27, 2013 at 7:42 PM

    Nawa o why are u not posting our comment oga o

  13. Yvonne Charles

    August 28, 2013 at 6:12 AM

    Men of God are mere mortal, they are bound to fall but that does not give us the right to scandalise them rather correct them with with love. I’m so disappointed at these ladies who did this, ur plans will never work. Go back to ur queen and tell her u failed on d mission.


    August 28, 2013 at 4:49 PM

    To those calling Ese Igbo, Ese is Edo. I believe what she said. Many of the so called pastors are predators and rapists. To that Otsekiri guy who is insulting Igbo women, you should refer to the like of those who dated and still date the likes of the lunatic called FFK.

  15. PA

    August 28, 2013 at 6:50 PM


    Many people cannot believe that a grown woman could involve herself in an affair with a married pastor and still position herself as the “manipulated victim”.

    When reading Ese’s story I expected negative reactions from Nigerian men who have probably always been in the position of power in sexual situations. Yes, Nigerian men may joke about sleeping with older housegirls when they are 10 years old but for them this is a thing to be proud of, a rite of passage, as opposed to child abuse. I can see how a Nigerian man could read Ese’s story and decide she is exaggerating events, or lying, or wrongly playing the victim.

    However, I did not expect this reaction from Nigerian women. The insults being hurled at Ese by other women are disappointing. It is shocking how many of us are unable to see that Ese was a victim of manipulation by a man in a position of power. It seems the only time a woman is allowed to call herself a “victim” is in the extreme case of rape. Even then there are women who will find a way to blame the victim. Would it have been “better” if Ese was under 18 when this happened? Perhaps it would be easier to express sympathy.

    If this story is true, and I believe it is, Pastor Fatoyinbo took advantage of a young woman’s naivete and trust to engage in an affair. When she expressed concerns he used bible verses and his position as a “man of God” to stop her from exposing the affair. When she tried to tell her story to other senior members of the church she was discounted and her story was ignored. This affair may have very well continued for more than a week if Ese had not (as she says) put a stop to it.

    The blind sheep that follow pastors in Nigeria are partly responsible for this. The level of “power” given to church leaders is mind blowing and when corrupt people are given power this is the result. Of course, this is not unique to Nigeria. The problem here is that the system is so blatantly patriarchal and biased against women that she had no support and had to deal with the situation herself. Judging by her LinkedIn profile, which shows she studied in London between 2010 and 2011, this must have happened two to three years ago. I imagine it took that much time to get to a space where she could speak freely about this.

    I don’t usually defend people I do not know on the internet but the responses I have seen today just confirm that Nigerian women have a long way to go. Ignore the men for a bit and focus on how we treat each other, it is disappointing and disgraceful how little support some of us have shown online for Ese Walter. I am sure her story is not the only one involving Pastor Fatoyinbo but the responses over the last couple of days will likely prevent other victims from coming forward. Yes, I said victims. It was brave of her for coming out and telling this story especially considering the reaction she has had so far.

    The pastor is yet to respond to any of this. As far as I can tell the “Ese Walter Coza affair” story is only just gaining traction and being picked up by more news outlets. I expect Pastor Fatoyinbo is still trying to explain the story to his wife and family. Or maybe they are already engaged in a 24 hour prayer session. Perhaps he will come out with a statement over the weekend blaming the devil and saying that he was possessed by a demon of adultery. Then, his ever faithful blind sheep congregation will pray for him and curse Ese. If we have learned anything though, it is that these things are rarely every single occurrences. Who’s to say Fatoyinbo won’t do this again?

  16. Pastor Nomo

    August 30, 2013 at 8:26 AM

    Gen: 6:1-5
    Rev 17: 1
    Jer 51:13
    Jude 6
    Ps 107:23-31
    1 Sam 5:1-5
    Prov8: 23-29
    Ps 18:16
    Ps 144:7//11

    Marine spirits are angels who were sent by GOD for specific assignments on earth but abandoned their missions and lusted after human beings and had sexual relationship with the children of men.
    Children who were born of this type of relationship were giants, very wicked men, mighty in power that God exterminated. Kings like Sihon and Og were giants. Goliath killed by David was a giant too. They all fought the people of God.
    Today the whole matter is spiritual those fallen angels still operate choosing men and women as they will and marry them.

    The marine spirit is the same spirit that changes into man to attack woman and vice versa. It is called Abadon or spirit husband when it appears as man to attack a woman. It is called Asmodee or spirit wife when it appears as woman to afflict a man.


    I. The victim will dream of swimming in the sea or any type of water

    II. The victim also dreams of having sexual intercourse, caresses etc… in dream either with known person or an unknown person, white or black

    III. The victim will even dream of getting engaged in marriage, receiving a wedding ring, wedding cloth etc….

    IV. The victim may dream of being pregnant, being in labour, being delivered of a child.
    This means the victim, has spirit children as long as these children live in the water, the victim cannot have children in the world and will face hardship in life.

    V. Dream of selling or buying

    VI. Dream of parties and dancing

    VII. Dream of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and eating

    VIII. Dream of snakes (python, boa on the bed)

    i. They like mundane things (music, dressing etc…)
    ii. They like garments (chains, bits,ordors,colours etc…)
    iii. They are stiff-necked, do not take advice and change their mind easily.
    iv. They hate the power of God through his word and anointed men of God, always seek to confront and tempt them
    v. They tell lies easily and are comfortable with lies than the truth
    vi. They do not tolerate mistakes done by their partners and are ready to break out of marriage for simple things. They are full of pride and lack of humility.
    vii. They are of extremely jealous and because of this can ruin be whole home.
    viii. They grow bitterness in their heart and they find it difficult to forgive because they always claim to be right.

    i. Difficulty of getting married
    ii. If married, a lot of quarrel, fighting at home for simple or no offense
    iii. Denial (one party may not want to have sexual intercourse with another for false reason)
    iv. Financial hardship in the house
    v. Money being spent for hospitals, repair of car (engine always get knocked), fridges, television, radio because they take those things in the marine world for their own enjoyment. I know someone whose car knocked engine thrice in less than a month.
    vi. Accidents that can lead to death or infirmity.
    vii. Hatred. The victim experiences hatred in the society.
    viii. Disappointment in business. In relationship, in office, in the society.
    ix. Barrenness unable to bear children when all medical examinations prove normal
    x. If children at home, they experience convulsion at night or fall sick when money is about to enter into the bank account.
    xi. Affliction of diverse kinds of ailments: fibroid, ulcer, diabetes, hypertension, cancer (uterus, breast)
    xii. Menstrual pains or irregular menstrual periods.
    xiii. Moving object at the lower abdominal part or on the chest with pains
    xiv. Set back, one finding himself out of business because the capital is lost or stolen, materials loss of money.
    xv. Abortion after dream that a man had had sexual intercourse will

    1. Through initiation, some people use marine spirit for as the family god for protection, wealth making because she controls all manners of trade
    2 Through inheritance because one or the two parents are victim.

    3 Through dressing, modern dressing attracts the spirit to attack someone.

    4 Through nightclub and parties, beaches.
    5 Because of the physical beauty, the marine spirit acts as a human being. In Gen6, they took for wife. The daughter of men those who were fair
    6 Through sexual intercourse with someone attacked by the marine spirit.
    7 Through occult houses and bar beach bath.
    8 Through interchange of under wears among ladies or men.
    9 Through festival or cultural dance.
    10 Through eating of food scarified to idols.

    i. They need to humble themselves before Christ. They need to reject any other god and accept Christ only as their special Lord and Savior.
    ii. They need to break all marriage covenants and curses.
    iii They need cancel all initiations into satanic power.
    iv They must reject all items in their possession (rings,
    garments, hair etc..)
    v. they must purge themselves of all deposit in their body
    as a result of eating in dream and sex in the dream.
    vi. They must reject and kill all spirit children.
    vii. They must receive a new spirit and call for divine blessing.
    1. Deep praise worship session with open heart and expectation
    a. Tell God that there is none Holy as he is
    b. There is no another God
    c. He is the Lord and he changes not
    d. He is terrible in doing good things
    e. He is merciful and gracious to all
    f. He does not want sinners to perish
    g. At the mission of the name of Jesus every knees must bow
    h. Christ Jesus is sitting above principalities and power and every other power is under his feet sing melodies unto the Lord see his greatness, cry before the Lord.
    i. See Jesus the prince of peace, the mighty counselor
    j. Jesus a man approved of God by miracles signs and wonders who went about doing good.
    k. Tell Christ to do good to you etc..

    Open your heart, hide nothing to God hate your life and confess all. Tell God all your sins and forsake them forgive everyone who offended you.
    Humble yourself before God and put satan and his pride to shame.
    Ask God to wash you with the blood of Jesus.
    Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life and chase out any other spirit.


    1. I surrender my soul, spirit and body into the power of Almighty God now in Jesus name
    2. Oh God as it pleases you to do unto me in order to save me do it now in Jesus name
    3. Oh God release your stone into my heart now and grand me power in Jesus name .
    4. Asmodee (spirit wife) or Abandon (spirit husband) get out of my life now in Jesus name.
    5. I nullify all initiations to marine spirit known or unknown by the blood of Jesus.
    6. I break every spiritual marriage covenant by the blood of Jesus.
    7. Holy Ghost fire fall upon me now in Jesus name (10mins, hands lifted up, eye closed).
    8. I reject any spiritual ring in my finger or my toes in Jesus name
    9. I tear off my body any spiritual garment upon me in Jesus name.
    10. Holy Ghost fire burn all attachment of marine spirit to my body now in Jesus name
    11. holy Ghost hire melt any bangle in my leg, hand and neck in Jesus name
    12. I come out of lagoons, steams, rivers and seas in Jesus name.
    13. I shake in fire all crowns upon my heal in Jesus name
    14. I renounce to every name, title or position taken from the marine word in Jesus name.
    15. I reject every token deposited on my body
    16. Every moving object in my belly die now by fire in Jesus name
    17. Every moving object in my chest die now by fire in Jesus name.
    18. I plug out by fire every deposited in my intestines in Jesus name
    19. Spirit husband go out of me now by fire in Jesus name
    20. I cut off from my leg and chain tying me down to you in Jesus name.
    21. Holy Ghost fire consume any shrine where my name is being manipulated in Jesus name.
    22. Holy Ghost fire consume to ashes any list in which my name has been entered in Jesus name
    23. I vomit now all food eaten in dreams in Jesus name.
    24. Any deposit in my private part must be consumed by fire now in Jesus name.
    25. holy Ghost fire burn any disease know or unknown in my body now in Jesus name.
    26. I silence all strange voices talking to me now in Jesus name.
    27. I reject all spirit children claming to belong to me in the water in
    Jesus name.
    28. I kill by spiritual sword all spirit children in the water now in
    Jesus name
    29. I burn to ashes any marriage certificate linking me with you in
    Jesus name.
    30. I nullify with the blood of Jesus all curses known or unknown laid upon my head in Jesus name.
    31. I nullify all material rows given to those who are not to marry me by the blood of Jesus.
    32. I refuse to carry my property for use in marine world in Jesus name
    33. I command every thing that has been stolen in the marine world to come back to me
    34. I nullify all disappointment in my life in Jesus name
    35. Oh Lord cleanses me from any known or unknown body odor in Jesus name.
    36. Abandon get out with your odor from my life now in Jesus name
    37. You queen of the cost, get out of my life now in Jesus name
    38. I nullify any affliction to barrenness now in Jesus name
    39. (Your two hand an your head, eyes closed say blood of Jesus, blood of Jesus, blood of Jesus fast) 15min
    40. Blood of Jesus repair the foundation of my life in Jesus name
    41. Blood of Jesus heal me from any diseases in Jesus name
    42. Blood of Jesus speak better things in my life in Jesus name
    43. Blood of Jesus give me life now in Jesus name
    44. (Eyes closed) drink the blood of Jesus (15min)
    45. Bend down, eye closed and open your mouth wide, say nothing,
    You will vomit every evil thing in your belly now in Jesus name
    46. Oh Lord let my entire lost blessing come back to me in Jesus name.
    47. Oh God change my situation now into promotion.
    48. I shall never be dominated in Jesus name
    49. Oh Lord open heaven and pour my blessing in Jesus name
    50. I decree peace in my marriage
    51. I decree joy in my heart in Jesus name
    52. I open the windows of prosperity into my life in Jesus name
    53. Oh Lord cover me with divine favor in Jesus name
    54. I destroy any seed of hardship in my life in Jesus name.
    55. Holy ghost fire purge my belly now( eyes closed, two hands on the belly)10mn
    56. I destroy every habitation in which my name is recorded under the waters in Jesus name
    57. I reject every throne, crown , power , and object from the waters
    58. From today, I see spirit husband or wife no more.
    59. Oh GOD put a wall of fire round about me for my protection.
    60. Oh GOD pour upon me a new spirit now in Jesus name
    61. Eyes closed, two hands on your head, breath deep in and out with your mouth (15mn, very fast, breath in and out)
    62. Oh GOD open all doors that were closed now in Jesus name.
    63. Oh GOD crown me with honor and dignity now in Jesus name
    64. I shall no more know abortion in any thing I do for the glory of GOD.
    65. I thank you GOD

  17. Dee

    August 31, 2013 at 7:39 AM

    God will forgive those saying Ese has a marine spirit.Who are we to judge?I dont know Ese but i had heard a lot about Pastor Biodun in Ilorin where Coza Started as i graduated from UNILORIN.He has been involved in such in the past.
    The only solution is for us to pray so that he confesses if he was really involved with Ese.
    It happened in a church here in Uk where one of the ministers helped a minor girl who was under 18,Because the girl was on the big side and busty,he touched the girl,s breast,when he gave her a ride..This girl mentioned it to her friend who in turn went to tell the pastor,They probed this man and he denied it,even the wife was angry at the accusation.
    But the church forgot about the case,But this girl,s parent were bitter.Maybe it was their prayer that worked,after few months,the Minister went to the Pastor to apologize that it was true,he had to apologize in the presence of the church ministers,the girls parent,and even the wife, that since he denied the allegation,his conscience has had no rest..
    i tell you, the wife was dissapointed, but the girl was vindicated at last.
    For Pastor Biodun,Rumour has it in Ilorin that the wife does not like sex that is why he goes around asking women own cousin was a victim,as he asked her out,and the girl was shocked cos she has been invited once to Coza by a friend and she recognized that he was the same man in church.when he asked her out and was shocked and turned him down.
    I hope this gets posted.

  18. K

    September 4, 2013 at 9:09 AM

    whether marine spirit or not marine spirit,i believe he did it and it takes a true man to admit to his crime and ask for forgiveness instead of hiding it all.You will recover again.Satan will always be present to tempt us.What i hate is the level of growing pastors who spoil Gods plans.You dont have to be a pastor before you do the word of God, so if you know your weak and dirty,take up another activity till God calls you or forget it and remain where you are doing HIS work….unless you have other motives by turning church work to money making machine which will end up badly IJN.with grave consequences at the end.beware for God is not to be mocked.Well,God has already said it would happen.One day or the other,it will all be revealed either on earth or in heaven.Men will always fall.We are all humans.Even Jesus in so many times almost fell,talkless of human beings.The complete grace of God takes long time to develop in this ailing sinful world.but when your in it,your complete.Which man or woman has no sin…even in imagination.Pastors with dirty hands,you should all be ashamed of yourselves.your all cowards in the sight of God with no true self dignity or ambition.I feel so much pity because you have no idea what you are bringing to yourselves.

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