Critics Say Emeka Ike Behind Ibinabo’ 5 Years Imprisonment, Actor Distances Self

emeka ike behind ibinabo fiberesima imprisonment

March 13, 2016 – Emeka Ike Comments On Ibinabo Fiberesima’s Imprisonment “Her Criminal Case & Jail Sentence Has Nothing To Do With Me”

Critics Say Emeka Ike Behind Ibinabo Fiberesima’s 5-Year Jail Sentence, Actor Distances Self In Official Statement


Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has replied critics who accused him of jubilating over his ‘archenemy’, Ibinabo Fiberesima’s imprisonment.

In an exclusive phone chat with a Nollywood insider, Emeka Ike said:

“I should not be assumed to be happy with the present travail of Ibinabo Fiberesima. We are in court on the matter of our guild, the Actors Guild of Nigeria, not on the issue of death or motor accident. I don’t wish jail for her.

Emeka Ike further said Ibinabo has been his impersonator since she was sacked by a Federal High Court in Abuja.

 “Ibinabo has been impersonating to be the president. I am the president. I only want her to vacate the office. If she has a case and jailed for it, it has nothing to do with me.” – Emeka Ike added

This is what Don Pedro Aganbi, the factional chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria said on Ibinabo’s jail term:

‘nobody would be glad over such even if the person is your enemy. Mind you, our fight is only about the Actors Guild not about life and death. I don’t also think Emeka Ike would go dancing over Ibinabo’s present faith. All we wanted was that she leaves the office not by going to jail.

Friends of Ibinabo claimed Emeka Ike is the force behind Ibinabo’s imprisonment.

According to the story making rounds among Nollywood stars, Emeka Ike reportedly fueled the recent murder charges brought against Ibinabo after an article he wrote anonymously about Justice for Dr Suraj Giwa  in one of the National Dailies went viral.

Lagos State Government’s official Doctor, Suraj Giwa died after drunk Ibinabo crushed him with her car over 10 years ago.

22 thoughts on “Critics Say Emeka Ike Behind Ibinabo’ 5 Years Imprisonment, Actor Distances Self

  1. This is so different ma pple, acting and reality this is so so different. Somebody kill another person and them nack her 5 loaf of jail bread, so bcoz say na celeb, make dem leave am??? If such thing happen, anybody go kill dem claim to be celeb b that… grow up pple.

  2. Nollywood is all about gossip. Is Emeka Ike criticised as if the sentence of Ibinabo is injustice or what?

  3. But again, I thought that Fred Amata has been elected the president of the guild. Why is Emeka Ike still claiming the office? Nawa to this their confusion.

  4. They should leave Emeka Ike out of this. This woman has a murder case hanging on her shoulder she should have cleared that first before publicly contesting for any seat

  5. I think Emeka is innocent on this. What they were fighting for was about president of AGN not about accident that happened 10years ago.

  6. A matter of life n death, we all have our different challenges we must face. Not a good one for ibinabi now . untop wetin he go they rejoice abt? He can’t o

  7. Its quite true that there is ongoing fight between the present agn president lbinabo and emeka lke, though this fight started right from the reign of shaugu arinze’s government where by emeka lke has been fighting over the throne. Lets keep that aside, and if you read the report carefully you will see a statement which says that Dr suraj is a lagos state government official who was drunk crushed to death by lbinabo over ten years ago. Its been long not a day before yesterday and not yesterday. Then why is this murdering case coming up now and why is the case of leaving the office coming now?

  8. Ppl wll alwys look 4 who 2 blame 4 d calamity of anoda in esp in 9ja.

    Qus; hw was Emeka responsibl 4 Ibinabo‘s present travails? Was he d 1 who made her drunk dat led 2 her careless driving dat led 2 d death of d said Dr. Giwa?
    Or simply bc they dnt get along has bcm a yardstick 4 dia malicious accusation? Can they prove anytin abt it?

    Ppl shld leave Emeka out of dis n allow Ibinabo 2 face her fuck up.

    I gat 2…

  9. sending her to jail will not resurrect the Dr. we all are indebted to death but the way it come to claim us can be very disturbing some time. It was his time to die but sadly through accident and unluckily it was destine to take place through Ibinabo.

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