Tonto Dikeh Travel Passport Seized By Dubai Police.. How Drug Addiction Messed Her Up

tonto dikeh passport seized dubai police

Tonto Dikeh Travel Passed Seized By Dubai Police.. How Drug Addiction & Pride Messed Her Up

Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh who was arrested 4 weeks ago in a hotel in Dubai is still having a hard time leaving Dubai.

The highly controversial figure who was said to be high on drugs was arrested after she called an Arab security guard a “Nigga” (insultive name for black people).

She was eventually handcuffed and taken to jail from where she was ordered to pay a fine and report to police daily for an unspecified period of time.

A source said the actress who is fond of getting high in Nigeria with no one to challenge her tried the same sh** in Dubai before she got served big time.

As at the time of this report, her passport is still in the custody of Dubai Police.

When we asked a source on grand in the UAE, the source said it is unsure when her passport will be released.

5 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Travel Passport Seized By Dubai Police.. How Drug Addiction Messed Her Up

  1. Funnily, Olakunle Churchill said this same thing at the inception of their marriage crisis, no one believed him. I recall vividly he said she’s always high on drugs, needlessly aggressive and even beat up his mum. I think we owe this man an apology particularly for mocking him about being “a one minute man”. With such signs of Yaba left in that ex wife of his, you would certainly come in one minute.

  2. Really bad of her. There are countries who take racist and vulgar comments very serious.

    Hopefully, this teaches her some decorum; to tame her tongue or weigh her words before speaking.

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