Cynthia Osokogu’s Suspected Facebook Killers Released

cythia osokogu killers released

Nov 26, 2012 – Cynthia Osokogu’ Suspected Facebook Killers Released

4 suspected killers of Cynthia Osokogu, a Nasarawa born Nigerian lady who was killed by her Facebook friends at an hotel in Festac Lagos, Nigeria are now free men.

In a letter to the court handling their trial, Lagos DPP said the 2 pharmacists, Orji Osita and Maduakor Chukwunonso and 2 other co-defendants, Gideon Okechukwu and Ezeaka Chinonso aren’t culpable of the offences of murder.

Based on the order from the DPP, Justice Adeniyi who presided over their trial has ordered them released from custody.

The office of the DPP however found the main culprits in the murder case, Okwumo Echezona Nwabufo and Ezike Ikechukwu Olisaeloka culpable of the offences of murder, conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to commit felony to wit stealing, while Ezike Nonso Ifechukwu was found culpable of receiving Cynthia’s stolen blackberry phone contrary to sections 326(1) (2) law of Lagos State.

In the advice, DPP noted that to establish offence of conspiracy,”the prosecution must establish that there was agreement between two or more persons to carry out the crimes or unlawful act.”

It stated further that, ” It is well settled that to secure a conviction on a charge of murder, the prosecution must prove that, ‘the deceased had died, that the death of the deceased was caused by the accused, and that the act or omission of the accused which caused the death of the deceased was intentional with knowledge that death or grievous bodily harm was its probable consequence.”

“In the light of the foregoing, this office shall prosecute Okwumo Echezona, Nwabufoan Ezike and Ikechukwu Olisaeloka for the offences of conspiracy to commit murder, murder conspiracy to commit felony to wit stealing and stealing contrary to Section 231,221, 409 and 285 (1) of the Criminal Law, No. 11, Laws of Lagos State, 2011 respectively.”

No date has been fixed for their arraignment.(PM report)

33 thoughts on “Cynthia Osokogu’s Suspected Facebook Killers Released

    • they have free them or u dont no hw to read, did u know if they were the people that kill the girl, dont judge like that, innocent people killing there and there in 9ija even jail them, look at the innocent that was kill by PH Villagers, this is hw people suport 4those people death, u open ur stupid mount saying they deserve death, u too deserve death, fuck u, prostitute

    • i swear i like yur comment…why do we kill what we can create? why on earth would you say a fellow human being deserve death, the Bible says who are thou to judge another man's servant. God is the ultimate Judge. and Hes gonna judge the earthly judge as well

    • what is wunderful about this….emperor-mich??? tell me,bcuz there’s nothing wonderful about 3 or 4 people killing a woman.if that was my daughter i wuud “investigate,track down the suspects,kill them and their fathers for donating their sperm”….i’m jus saying –watz wonderful about this situation?help me understand.

  1. I could remembered, those days when Nigeria was so sweet we use to sleep outside until next morning, nothing like Kidnapping, killing and hating each other. I asked myself when will my country Nigeria so sweet again like those days, but all I know is that Nigerian people are very good people and we were very obedient people. My prayers are, let those that were good before and turned to be bad now, let them please remember once again who they were in those days. May God touch your heart.
    as you read and change your mind for good in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!

  2. the pharmacists might not have known what they were going to do with the drug they bought from them..that is why they can not be convicted..unless it can be proven that they were accomplices and had prior knowlegde of the muderous intentions of their customers..

    • Nneka,you are the only person who reasoned well in this case. The pharmacist may not have known the intentions of the two killers. Unfortunately, you do not need prescription from the Doctor to buy a medication in Nigeria, if that had been the case and the pharmacist went ahead and sold the drug to them without Drs prescription, then he can be liable. The main culprits, Echezona and Olisaeloka are the killers and deserve to die by which ever way the court prescribes. Thank you Nneka for reasoning well.

  3. Cythia,dts nt d case here,u guys shd rememba dt d deased is d daughter of a rtd oficer,dey only freed d pharmacists who dispensd d drug nd bsides dey dnt kn wt dos guys intentns wr…am hapy 4 d freêd pharmacists bcos am 1 & kn wt it taks 2 bcum 1.

  4. No doubt,OSAS OMONS and EDOSA BENIN-BOY are criminals,for them to say there is nothing bad in releasing criminals like them.I pray their sisters are killed like that and their killers will be released the same way.Idiots.

  5. This should be a lesson to our young ladies and gentlemen. But all should remember that there is payment of our doings here on earth and after death.thanks.

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