Damoche Shot Dead: LASU Cultists Killed Final Year Student, Upcoming Singer

lasu student killed by cultists

Feb 28, 2013 – Damino Damoche Shot Dead: LASU Cultists Killed Final Year Banking & Finance Student , Upcoming Singer Olaniyan Damilola Ibrahim

Aye Vs BUCA cultists In Rivalry War…… Final Year LASU Student Shot Dead

Lagos State University students experienced commotion today during a brutal cult attack on a final year LASU student, upcoming singer Olaniyan Damilola Ibrahim.

Popularly called Damino Damoche by his fans, he came into limelight after the release of his hit songs “Dadubule, Obo To She”.

According to eyewitnesses of this brutality, Damilola just finished his lecture on Thursday afternoon when he met his untimely death in the hand some suspected Aye cultists who shot him at close range at Lagos State University entrance.

Damino who just finished a test at Management Science Faculty was shot with a powerful riffle two times this afternoon.

He suffered multiple bullet wounds to his hand and neck. He reportedly died on the spot.

Before his untimely death today, he was a final year student of banking and finance at LASU (Lagos State University).

According to findings, Damino was a member of BUCA cult group. He was allegedly killed by some AYE cultists this afternoon.

AYE and BUCA cult members for the months have engaged in serious supremacy battle. They are bitter enemies who vowed to kill each other one after the other.

Beware of cultism students!

This is serious. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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92 thoughts on “Damoche Shot Dead: LASU Cultists Killed Final Year Student, Upcoming Singer

  1. Aye axe men!!!!!! Who price go gbaga oooo! Make una wear una coat una self ooo….Aye axe men!!!!!!!! 7 is every where….All men on G all over the world. Still on NBM………..

  2. to be candid…to all rugged brothers..we shuld try and stop dis and channel our anger to dose rippin us apart…i share ur pains and i knw we all do dis to keep our pride and whats we stand for …but in all perspective ..let make a livin worthwhile for our children to live in….the govt is d cause of all dis …let make a better way of telling dem dis…though we rugged o..once a soldier..always will be ..loll me don born again ooooooooooooooooooooo

    • 2Black you sound like a very reasonable person I wish I could share my story here but it’s of no use I wish all these kids realise life’s too beautiful to go down for silly counts.God bless the dead my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  3. Alora damino damoshe ur death is painful bt u fall my hand o wetin b d thing wey u dey find for cultist nw wetin dem give u nothing bt take ur life big brother,brotherhood make una senpe nothing dey dis world o once again rip damilola finest

  4. Who ever u are on this earth…. Thy shall reap what u sow…..
    If u kill, so u shall be killed as well..
    This guy must have been one of them; else they won’t come for him…..
    Even the song he released is even abusive to hearings……
    Destroying many souls with his song.
    Even if i say R.I.P that does nt mean he will….. Depends on how he had spent his life while alive…..
    For thy shall reap what thy soul..

    And for those who are still alive today, pls change to goodness which will make Peace to dwell in ya heart….
    Peace on my Mind and In my heart.

  5. y s it dt pple abuse tinz.ehn nigeria,giant of africa stil neva dvelop.wey una go dn use una charm on govt.xo dt opportunity go dy 4una 2gt govt appointment.abi una no knw hw much local govt chairman dy collect as salary tlklez of senate?or una head 4bid beta tin?na wa o.damöche!broz u 4ck up in big tym ooo

  6. dont judge the dead and you know nothing about those who are alive today … be careful you yourself are not perfect … only whos is dead are the one exposed …. the life we are living in it so dangerous so many things happen under the sun … especially in celebrity world, the head is rotten how to take care of the body ? Its better we go to CNN coz this wont change nothing it only ends here . God bless us all

  7. well,have ot nothing much to say than a piece of advise..speaking from experience i sufered similar thing like damoche bck then in uni but God kept me alive, we’re all brodas and its time we start thinking..itell u, cultism is of the devil and there aint no gain in it just sleepless nites,killing,shooting..i tel u guys eiye,buca,aye,viking etc all na rubbish..lets change and stop this..ONE LOVE

  8. all of u dat tink say u rugged u beta be carefull see damilola nw .eiye nd u buca u better stp dis war.unless u r goin 2 kill ur self all.gud bye damoche e no pain me o

  9. On a crossroad like a seasoned buccaneer caught off guard and cast ashore Robin Crusoe’s island of peril, I watch as things unfold hoping a sight a glimpse of roving frigate to bear me forth on my path. I want us to dwell not on fiction but on reality for most of those pictures of dead bodies that littered on cyber island are manufactured by unbelievers of true brotherhood. For as far as I know, its only one axe man(a graduate) that was/is rumoured marooned. Let’s not roughen the already tempestuous sea with hearsay. For bloodshed is not path of our principles. We might have walked of the gangplank of misconception in the past. But truly we are not murderes. Beside how sure are we that Damoche is a buccaneer coz Eiye is claiming him. Remain steadfast in the path of RICA.

  10. @2black&agangan y d pretence? it takes an injews 2 know one,we all know cultism is a scourge 2 d society but we av seen people(even d non-violent) members die many years after leaving school&dat is done mainly by black axe.your people in d media are fast @ publishin wen aye kills,WHY DIDN’T THEY ANOUNCE DAT BUCCANEERS KILLED TWO BLACK AXE MEMBERS DAT SAME DAY IN RETURN OR DONT U KNOW? CONSTELLATION OF DIRTY PEOPLE,HATERS MOVE OUTA D SKIES 2 MATCH D AZURES.
    AIRLORDS,d sky is not our limit

  11. The case of Damoche was complex. He seemed to have completely given his soul to Satan and to the world of demons while alive. People concentrate here on his cult involvement, forgetting that this guy destroyed more souls through his extremely vulgar and demonic song, than those he might have killed with gun as a cultist. Let our youths forsake the way of sin and turn to Christ today. The butchered and bloodied body of Damoche you saw in pix is nothing, compared to the horror and torment of hell fire, awaiting people that give their souls to Satan, lust and other sins while on earth. The Holy Spirit is warning you now, when you can still repent. When the Day of God’s vengeance shall come in eternity, you will not say you were not told!!!!!!

  12. Why everyone is concerned about demoche death.Damoche death is still good, what of people their head was cut off and the head was hanged in campus,,No 1 rugged brothers slaughter to death and their heart was taking away, brutal killing.. Definitely for him to be killed that way I’m sure he must have killed with a gun. God I’m not judging him oooo. Axe men stop calling urself Black Jesus cos our Lord Jesus is Holy.

  13. Cultism is really a meance to our society bt since the street is millitary u got to be a soldier to survive. D death of Damoche finally caused the death. Of 12 Axe men livin d final score to 12-1. Axe men is high time u realise that Buccaneers decideds to be noble n gentle men in campuses dosnt mean they r not even more rugged n mudereous and most of all Highly intelligent dan u dirty axe men. We seek no voilence bt for every one Buccaneer that falls,12 axe men will Fall too. Myrugged Ban brothers may we sail to d treasure island n may we continue to sorts tru d rights of peace n be a helpin hand to d opressed. No. Price No pay

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