Daniel Ademinokan Afraid Of Losing Stella Damasus, Says He’ll Never Find Anyone Like Her

stella damasus daniel ademinokan

June 1st, 2015 – Daniel Ademinokan Afraid Of Losing Stella Damasus, Says He’ll Never Find Anyone Like  Her

Nollywood producer Daniel Ademinokan last night on his internet radio show showered praises on his lover, Stella Damasus.

Read how Daniel praised Stella on the show last night.

“I am so excited to dedicate this song to one person who has been a rock. Sometimes God just aligns things to happen at the right time. Stella Damasus, you are an amazing person and I appreciate you so much. The kind of mind you have, the way you think. It’s different and I’ll probably never meet anyone like you.People don’t know the truth about how we got together. I appreciate you so much and you are a very blessed person.

There is something special about you.I have always said to you that the enemy will not attack you if you aren’t special.You have been a source of encouragement to me.You have changed a lot of things in my life.The way we came together is even a mystery to us.The world may know a lot of crazy things about you but I know who you really are.

Thank you for loving me for who I am. We cannot show the whole world everything but you and I have conquered so much in a short time.I would not have been able to achieve a lot of the thing I have if I wasn’t with the right person.You are an actress, singer, writer, teacher, philanthropist, is there anything you can’t do? I love you very much and I’m dedicating this song to you because I want you to stay with me forever.”.

The man is madly in love with Stella. The bond is so strong.

But some fans are still saying the man don chop Stella’s vegetable belleful.

It is only true love that stands the test of time.

13 thoughts on “Daniel Ademinokan Afraid Of Losing Stella Damasus, Says He’ll Never Find Anyone Like Her

  1. U cant find a black woman like stella,cos we are normal,we are not street dog,who like to Jazzed many times and everyday even with mestration.Beautifull Doris,pls look for a good Man and marry not all men like ur ex,and have another kids,1 kid ,is not good,afterall with his father and wicked step mother,who happen to live her own kids in naija,take over ur own in USA.

  2. both of dem r deceivn themselves othrwis to my undrstdn of lv i can say dey r acting n misleadn dr emotions.d only natural characteristics of tru lv is jeolous bt instead dey liv in deceit.he is smone’s husband n she had bin in d news wt diff men sinc her hubby’s death.so whr is …..

  3. Ademinokan, you must be ashamed as a man to succumb so disgracefully to a “second hand” lady like Damascus and continue to make noise everywhere. You denied your wife, Doris and son to follow another woman and you are not ashamed and still continue to talk shamelesslly everywhere. Your parents must be grinding their teeth they gave birth to a bastard like you. Shame on you Ademinokan.

  4. true love is not about what you get in terms of material things it’s about what you give selflessly.true love is built on righteousness towards God and man. if a man leaves his first wife and marries another for whatever reason, he has only shown that he does not know what true love is about, becos true love endures to the end.God cannot be involved in anything that is evil.God design family to be forever, till death do you part.but unfortunately, becos of selfishness, many person has keyed into the devil’s counterfeit of family; where you have same father but different mothers, or same mother but different fathers, and the reason for this is not becos the spouse died, but becos their was a hardness of heart against God and man. rather than repent, they try to justify their action by saying God did it.God suffers long, so that the evil doers will repent, but unfortunately, the evil doers see it as God is weak,and becos judgement is not immediate .they continue to harden their heart.

  5. Does it mean stella children are in nigeria then she purposely ran to america so that daniel will not be able to settle with Doris. Wait and see what God will do.

    • You are right, she left her kids back home, taking care of another woman’s child, I used to like her but know she is so disgusting,

  6. Oh!so her toto is coated with honey or she got bedroom power that no other women could replicate? You must be pussytripping.

  7. bt les i 4get.ds stellsa of a tin.tink hr daughter is comn of age n is seein n readin al ds noonsense abt hr so calld mum.does ds nt border d woman.wel nt her anyway bt tink she remembr she has a daughter probably learnin fm her.

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