Dayo Amusa Begins Weight Loss Routine, Joins Iron Bar Fitness Gym Lekki Lagos

dayo amusa weight loss

Dayo Amusa Embarks On Weight Loss Journey, Joins Iron Bar Fitness Gym Lekki Lagos

Nollywood filmmaker Dayo Amusa who recently became Hypo Bleach brand influencer has embraced an active life style.

She was over the weekend spotted in Bariga area of Lagos as she teamed up with Hypo team to sanitize the environment.

In a bid to rid self of excess weight, she has also joined Iron bar fitness in Lekki.

Since obesity is the root cause of many diseases, people from all works of life are now embracing active lifestyles.
Trust me friends, it lengthens life.

I was forced to embark on one myself after a serious battle with Pneumonia.

It was like magic when I recovered faster after I embraced healthy eating and active lifestyle.

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