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Spice Up Your Look With These Must-Have Seasonal Fashion Items

december fashion tips

Spice Up Your Look With These Must-Have Seasonal Fashion Items


A little black dress is an evening/cocktail dress and it is chic and versatile. Black is always in season and no matter where you are in the world, whether you are going to a dinner, luncheon, or going on a tour, you can always wear a LBD. You can dress it up or down.

Give your look a dash of sparkle!

Guess what’s back in vogue after a short time off? Patterned jacket! These elegant, sexy and sophisticated blazers have made a sudden and dramatic return to the social scene. As we all know, one of the secrets of great look is a fabulous pair of jacket.

Chandelier earrings

If you want to be unique, different and stand out in a crowd, your best bet is Chandelier earrings!

Ball, layered & fluffy gown

Ladies, put your skirts away and pull out your couture. Turns out this look was on dozens of runways and is the perfect blend of feminine and holy hotness. I love this because you can mix and match what your already have in your closet (accessories).

Distinct red or green

Not your typical colours, but this trend is easy enough for the everyday fashionistas to pull off. All shades of green and red are this season’s queen of colours.

Glittering clutch purse

Makes the ultimate red carpet statement in gold and silver accessories, garnished with sequins and diamond!.

Spice up your look

Need to spice up your look? Then go for sunglasses. They are stylish, comfortable and simple. At parties and social occasions, they are the rave of the moment when it comes to facial fashion.

Cocktail rings

Wonder what fingers would look like, if we did not have stylishly cut rock-cocktail rings to beautify them? Cocktail rings are everywhere at parties, on the red carpet and for casual wears. It’s the ultimate accessory that draws attention to your hands, whether you are wearing a colourful whimsical dress or a little black dress.

Stiletto heels

Express your glamorous side with luxury stilettos heels which is the vogue among the fashionistas. They are the rage now and they will certainly blow your mind.


The influx of this vibrant dress is still strikingly evident; it adds a sexy and the same time feminine appeal to one’s look.

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