Deeper Life Pastor Eric Abakporo Jailed For Real Estate Fraud In New York, Faces Deportation

eric abakporo jailed

May 29, 2014 – Deeper Life Pastor Eric Abakporo Sentenced To 6-Year Jail Term For Real Estate Fraud In New York; Eric Abakporo Faces Deportation

Pastor Ifeanyichukwu Eric Abakporo’s real estate fraud trial has wrapped up.

The Brooklyn-based former lawyer was handed a 6-year prison sentence in New York on Wednesday for defrauding banks, property owners and buyers and mortgage lenders.

He was remanded into prison custody by a District court judge Shira A Scheindlin.

His family (wife and 2 children) wept bitterly in the courtroom as he was led away in handcuffs.

Eric Abakporo is likely to face deportation after serving his sentence.

His co-defendant, Latanya Pierce, received a lighter, 30-month sentence. In her closing statement, Pierce said she felt like the “biggest fool in the world.”

Latanya Pierce and Eric were convicted in fraudulent transactions in NY between 2003 and 2012.

Sober Eric Abakporo was led away in handcuffs while his wife and 2 kids cried bitterly in the courtroom.

12 thoughts on “Deeper Life Pastor Eric Abakporo Jailed For Real Estate Fraud In New York, Faces Deportation

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    Whenever a fraud or drug case is announced, it must be from the ***
    God deliver dem

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  5. If a so called “man of God” can do this after having enough, what do you expect from a poor Nigerian.

  6. pastors are human beings too. some pastors were nt called by GOD. wot do u xpet frm a man who got up one mornin n lied to pippl dt GOD hv called him. these are d categoris of pastors dt ar messin up. dere c it as a profession n mins of livlihood nt as a callin. GOD we pray dt we fal into d hnds of pastors dt ar rily doin ur wok. AMEN

  7. pastor stop shedding crocodile tears, You are a disapointment to your church depper life and try to change your life in prison and ask God for forginess.
    bye bye
    Eddy +22507507126

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