Dele Odule Blasts Olasco Film Boss, Says He Has No Right To Ban Yewande Adekoya

dele odule olasco film boss

Oct 4, 2016 – Dele Odule Blasts Olasco Film Boss, Says He Has No Right To Ban Yewande Adekoya Or Any TAMPAN Member

The President of Yoruba movie producers under the umbrella of TAMPAN has come after the CEO of Olasco Film international, Olatunji Balogun for banning Yoruba actress Yewande Adekoya and other TAMPAN members caught selling movies to online marketers.

In a statement released today, Mr Odule categorically stated that Ola Balogun has no right to ban any movie producer who are members of the Theater Arts and Motion Picture Producer’s Association of Nigeria without due consultation.

yewande adekoya

Hear what Mr Odule said today:

6 thoughts on “Dele Odule Blasts Olasco Film Boss, Says He Has No Right To Ban Yewande Adekoya

  1. Excellent! A display of leadership skills and maturity elements. I commend your charismatic speech and write up. Due process must be applied in approaching and resolving issues. Ride on Dele!

  2. Thats what a good leader should do. by protecting there own.
    @Prince Dele Odunle you have acted well. May God expose all those exploiting others, due to there privilege position.

  3. To be honest with you guys, this marketer has no right to single handedly ban any movie actor and actress without proper due process. TAMPAN, YOVIMPAN and other relevant bodies must be brought along to decide what kind of punishment to impose on such actor/ actress. However, this man can sue a producer of a movie if he or she breaches the contract law between them, that is understandable but coming out publicly to ban an actor is not legal. If this guy can successfully get away with this, that means the marketers are the Alpha & Omega of the movie industry.

    As a marketer, Mr. Balogun has gone too far in pronouncement of actress ban and if he is not corrected, this man will have a total dominion on movie industry. He is only a marketer not a chairman or CEO of Yoruba movie industry. Selling home movie on behalf of producers does not give you absolute power to punish any actor on your own. You need to do things in a civilized and legal way. Thanks to Dele Odule for stepping out to check the excesses of Olasco films.

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