Dele Odule: My First Son Died While I Was Running As TAMPAN President

dele odule loses first son

April 16, 2017 – Dele Odule: I Lost My First Son While I Was Running As TAMPAN President

In this exclusive chat with Razzle Dazzle, veteran actor Dele Odule recounts two of the saddest days of his life and the day an excited female fan embarrassed him in public.

His words:

 “One of my saddest moments was when I lost my first son, which was at the period when we were clamouring to lead the theatre practitioners association.

I’m not insinuating that his death had anything to do with my aspiration but it just happened at that time.

The other sad day for me was when we left ANTP to form Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria.”

“My most embarrasing life experience was when I came across a female fan and she was carrying sachet water. Immediately she saw me, she poured the water on my face in excitement.

It was really embarrassing because if it was pepper or hot water that she was carrying, she would have poured it on me too.

However, I take it all in my stride because the beauty of life is for one to be relevant to his generation.”

3 thoughts on “Dele Odule: My First Son Died While I Was Running As TAMPAN President

  1. I remember being a child and my Grandma (a retired Head teacher) telling me he (Mr Dele Odule) was her pupil many years ago.

    Now that’s my claim to fame. HAHA

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