Dencia Hates Nigerians! Avoid Her Killer Cream Like The Plague

dencia killer cream

Dencia Hates Nigerians, Avoid Her Killer Cream Like The Plague – Critic

Open Letter To Dencia By Popular Commentator DemDem

You brought killer cream to Nigerians to destroy their self esteem and yet have the gut to insult the people buying it and possibly the men that provide the money to buy your killer cream.

Well , how dare you insult Leon Balogun’s parents because he advised people to embrace their natural skin colour.

Your unkind response proves to us that you are a low life bully.

Why will my African people stoop so low to the point of glorifying this morally bankrupt individual for crying out loud?

Dencia and Blac Chyna are nobody in America for goodness sake.

How many Black Americans patronize Dencia cream?. Yet she came to Nigeria to explore your foolishness and stupidity and at the end insults your parents.

It is high time you Nigerians wake up and brush up on your self esteem.

Avoid Dencia Deadly Cream or any other deadly chemical.

I represent Leon Balogun innocent Parents.

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