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How To Develop & Maintain A Positive Attitude In Life, At Work And In Stressful Times

How To Develop & Maintain A Positive Attitude life

How To Develop And Maintain A Positive Attitude In Life, At Work And In Stressful Times

In this journey called life, there is no doubt that we are bound to pass through some experiences that will drain our positive energy. As a girl, you might face some heartbreak; most guys would have played football with your fragile heart that you find it difficult trusting any guy; you believe that nothing good can ever come from any guy; they are all the same.

Your mind irks with so much negativity that you find it difficult to believe that people could actually be happy in their relationships. But truth is that before getting the right person, most times we have to meet the wrong ones. In that way, when the right one shows up, we will know how valuable they are and wouldn’t take them for granted.

Aside the relationship problems, we might face other life issues that would make us want to throw in the towel and scream, “F**k you Life!”.

Imagine you are the first child and the first son in a Nigerian home. There is no doubt that people like this have a lot of responsibilities waiting for them, from getting a high paying job to taking care of their parents and siblings and obviously getting a wife.

You are guy, a fresh graduate who just completed the mandatory NYSC programme and in dire need to a job. While you were in school, you had dreams of getting a nice job once you graduate but then as a graduate, the harsh realities of life hits you so hard that if you aren’t strong enough, it will certainly knock you off your feet. You get tired searching for jobs; you get tired of the interviews that never yields a positive result; you get tired of sitting your butt at home; you get tired of roaming social networks because doing so would remind you of how your mates are doing so well; you get tired of your girlfriend asking you where the relationship is heading to; you get tired of your parent’s expectations; you get tired of being broke; you get tired of the struggle – in that moment, there is no doubt that you will be drained of all the positive energy you ever had.

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The truth is that our life is sometimes a reflection of our attitude. It is easy to become negative and pessimistic when faced with some life issues and heartaches. Without even noticing it, our gloomy and negative attitude would prevent us from fully enjoying life. I have this friend that no matter how hard life knocks him, he always tells himself and whoever that cares to listen, “I can’t kill myself”- he says this and goes on living life to its fullest. He doesn’t let the harsh realities of life take away his joy. He would always say, “We only live once so why bother about things that will certainly fall in place when the time comes?”

Maintaining a positive attitude in life is very much important because not only does it help you achieve more, it helps you live longer as well as attract people to you. I mean, who would want to be in the company of a pessimistic person?.

There are so many books that talk about the power of positive attitude and its importance. Sadly, it is always easier said than done. Maintaining a positive attitude is a thing of the mind so once you make up your mind to remain positive despite life hurdles, you will achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Below are some tips on maintaining a positive attitude and mind set.

  1. Start  Your Day With A Positive Mindset

Instead of waking up each morning with a frown like, “Why the heck am I still alive?”, wake up with a smile on your face and with a strong believe that a new day is always a chance to get it right. For me, I have actually formed the habit to listening to motivational and inspirational speeches online. I do it every morning and surprisingly, it fills me with so much positive energy.

  1. Mingle With Positive People

There is this saying that goes, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” – the moment you start hanging out with people that have so much negativity in their lives, you will definitely become like them. So, it’s always important to mingle with positive people, it certainly keeps you positive.

  1. Be Grateful

Most times, we become so focused on the things that are not working well in our lives that we fail to appreciate the little things that matters. Learn to be grateful no matter the stage you are in life. As long as there is life, there is hope. So, look inwardly to the little things we tend to ignore like being alive and in good health and be grateful that you are counted among the living.

  1. Live In The Moment

Choosing to quit wishing and daydreaming about the life you want to live and start appreciating what you have now. You might not have a high paying job that would enable you buy a mansion, a cool ride and an iPhone but then you have a girlfriend that loves you, a loving family and a roof over your head. Once you start living in the now, it will increase your positive energy.

  1. Embrace Your Challenges

You see, life is not really about what happens to us but how we react to it. We have to have it at the back of our minds that there are no dead ends no matter whatever we are facing in life. Embrace your challenges and don’t let it define you. When you start seeing life challenges as mere adventures and an avenue to grow, it helps you maintain a positive attitude. According to Rovert Kiyosaki, “In life, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn”.

  1. Use Positive Words

It took me a while to realize that there is power in the words we spill with our mouths. Our words are so powerful than we think. When you describe your life as boring, challenging, chaotic, there is no doubt that you will end up living that kind of life. Learn to describe your life with positive words.

  1. Breathe And Smile

In the face of all the struggles and challenges you are facing in life, just breathe, smile and tell yourself that it will only get better.

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Aside life generally, most times in our work places we might find ourselves oozing with so much negative attitude and it usually happens when we don’t love our job. Maintain a positive attitude in our work places is as important as maintaining a positive attitude in life.

The question then is, how do you maintain a positive attitude in your work place despite the fact that you don’t love your job?.

  1. Have a friendly relationship with your co-workers; they could make the job and your workplace fun.
  2. Make sure you get enough sleep and give yourself the luxury to rest whenever you are tired.
  3. You should work towards getting another job. There is actually no point sticking to that job if you hate it.
  4. Smile a lot and don’t doubt your capabilities.
  5. Set goals and achieve them. It energizes you to do more.

In conclusion, sometimes it is very easy to be knocked down by the stress, pressure and challenges of everyday life. The choice to live your life with a lot of positive attitude is no doubt the right choice.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jilo

    December 19, 2018 at 12:59 PM

    Impressive right up! You have analyzed it all. No additional contribution to this write-up. Logic behind this is, always do the opposite to achieve positive goal. If you are depress just engage in something that will keep you positive. Keep moving on that is the secret of life. Things will fall in places at the right time just as the writer has asserted.

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