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Surviving Hard Times: Effective Strategies For Getting Through Tough Times In Life

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Surviving Hard Times: How to Deal With Tough Times in Life

It is a common knowledge that as much as we would want it to be, life is never a bed of roses. By reading this piece, I would assume either you or a close relative is going through a difficult time.  Know that it is part of the natural order of things to be tested by fate. Actually, I believe there are two days in the life of a man, the day for him and the day against him. On the days for him, everything works in his favor… the sun shine bright where he stands and the soil is firm where he walks.

He is happy and carefree because he has no worry in the world. How it will be fantastic for you and I to have a forever that perfect. But there are always days against us. Days when our efficiency does not solve the problem where things basically just suck. Everything works against him. If you are going through this phase, the good news is that it is very normal way towards greatness; if you bother to consider the bright side of it. Everyone has had to deal with tough time and if not, they will definitely face it someday, while this is normal, your reaction toward your tough time is a determinant of how you end up. As a victim or the hero of your own story.

Going through Hard Times Makes You Stronger

If you have been to the blacksmith, you will understand this simple analogy better. Can you imagine why the metal had to be dip into the blazing fire? It is quite essential for its qualities to come out. You can never have a glowing diamond right from its ore; it must pass the test of the heat to become the strongest metal ever known. The impurities that hinder its fine qualities to be exhibited have to be worked on. The same thing is applicable to man. It is during tough times that our best is realized. On your normal day, you always believe in the limit set by your mind. When tough times come, they make you realize the vast depth of your strength. Tough times inspire a lot of things. You see things as they are, you become wise and smart. When tough time go it will either leave you stronger than it met you or broken than it met you. It all depends on you if you want to be the hero or the victim of your story. Which one would you choose? The choice is yours. I know for certain however, you would definitely want to be the hero.

The Benefit of Passing through Tough Times

I told you that going through tough time will make you stronger, but I did not tell you how. Meanwhile apart from getting strong there are many benefits to passing through tough times; the code is to face it positively. Some of these benefits are;

  • Tough time humbles us: when we are afflicted by tough times, we are brought from our high station to the low and then we learn to be humble and see things differently.
  • Tough time teaches endurance: there is nothing that teaches endurance like tough times. Most of the times, speeches and articles on how to endure does not really have effect like going through tough times. During tough times, we learn the art of endurance as a form of reaction to what life put us in.
  • Tough time teaches compassion: most of the leading philanthropists in the world today are people who themselves have gone through difficult moments in their lives. Having tasted difficulties, they have the idea of what people who are currently going through are dealing with therefore, they are always eager to help. Going through tough times will leave you compassionate.
  • Tough times teach patience: you have no choice than to be patient while going through your tough time. Tough time is tough, but in it, you learn to be patient and that’s a very important attribute in life

There are so many other life benefits of passing through tough times not mentioned here. They could be spiritual or social. Above all, the important thing is to derive all these benefits, because if you do not handle your tough time well, you might end up not deriving all the listed benefits. Remember the quote of being the victim or the hero of your story?.

How to Survive Bad Times

It’s true that it’s not nice going through hard times, but as I said earlier, it is necessary for our growth. So the question now is how do we survive the bad times when it comes? Remember, any wrong decision during you tough time can mar your life forever. The decisions you make during your difficult moment shapes your life.

  1. Do not go alone: when in hard times, it is easier if you share matters and have fun with family and friends. Avoid loneliness and shun the-one-man soldier attitude. Allow friends and loved ones into your life and seek help from professionals. Shouldering the burden of tough times could be devastating.
  2. Be humble: be humble enough to approach people for help and accept the same whenever they offer it. You should let go all form of pride and be down to earth to survive your tough time.
  3. Admit it: you should be able to admit to people that you have problem. Open up, do not hide it, whatever you are facing, the solution might be with someone close by and you can only get help when you tell them about your challenges.
  4. Avoid self victimization: do not victimize yourself, know that it is okay to pass through challenges in life, that challenges are stepping stones to achieving greatness. Stop asking yourself the “why me?” question instead, say “try me”.
  5. Do not worry: oftentimes, a molehill is usually turned to an enormous mountain by worrying over it. Do not stress yourself over what would happen next, live the moment. I know it is easy to say than to be done, yet you have to try this to retain calmness through your tough time.
  6. Face it: try playing the courage card. The courageous is not known by their dexterity or strength. They are the normal people who are brave enough to face their fears. Do not allow your fears to control.
  7. Analyze your situation: Ask yourself questions. Is what you are going through that hard according to what your mind portends? Sometimes, the mind tends to give us a bigger feel of the problem. Therefore, analyzing the situation might help give you some reassurance that all hope is not lost.
  8. Derive the lesson: to every challenge, there is always a lesson. Try to figure out the lesson your challenges is passing across.
  9. The positive picture: never let pessimism into your situation. See the beautiful side of your condition. Like that you will realize you still have the chance to overcome every moment of your tough time.
  10. Never Slouch: Body language sends message to the central nervous system. When you slouch, it means you are tired and giving up and that is what your brain will interpret and provide a reaction for. Thus, avoid bad body postures.
  11. Seek God’s Help: You should never let God out of your life. After all things, the spiritual aspect of our lives should never be left untended. God is a great means of obtaining inner calmness even while facing challenges in life. And the ultimate answer to the problem you are facing. Therefore you will need the “God factor” to overcome your times of trials.

The tips listed above are tested and confirmed to work greatly, therefore you are sure to come out smiling after applying them.

Getting through tough times in a relationship

Yes. I found it necessary to address hard times in relationships as it is a growing thread amongst the people of nowadays. That people face challenges in their relationship is not news, therefore apart from the tips I provided above I will be providing more solutions peculiar to relationships.

  • Address it: whatever it is, you should not avoid it. Sit down to discuss the issue with the other party and resolve on a course.
  • Communicate: hard times separate couples. Therefore, do not ever let your ego have the best of you. Never break the chain of communication between you and the other person. This will help in a lot of ways to survive your relationship.

There are several other ways to survive hard times, but the most important thing is to follow the right course because any misstep can be your undoing.

Life challenges are accepted with eagerness by successful people because they know it is essential for their progress.

quotes about going through hard times and staying strong
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And while you are at your worst time, always remember the darkest moment is the minute just before the dawn and tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

Be strong and of good comfort. 



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    July 29, 2018 at 4:13 AM

    on point.

  2. Bimpe Oloketuyi

    July 29, 2018 at 4:14 AM

    Thanks for this advice. I read everything like an open book.

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