Don Jazzy Gets 1st Bottle Of $2 Million Champagne From Alexander Amosu (World’s Most Expensive Wine)

don jazzy world's most expensive wine

June 14, 2013 – Don Jazzy Gets 1st Bottle Of $2 Million Champagne From Alexander Amosu (World’s Most Expensive Wine)

Mavin boss Don Jazzy has made history as the first entertainer to receive a bottle of world’s most expensive wine from controversial designer Alexander Amosu.

Goût de Diamants champagne costs  close to 250 Million Nigerian Naira.

The designer used this opportunity to honour Don Jazzy.

Learn more about the wine and the designer @ world’s most expensive wine

Another entertainer on Amosu’ list is Peter Okoye of P-Square. He has promised to send him a bottle too.

27 thoughts on “Don Jazzy Gets 1st Bottle Of $2 Million Champagne From Alexander Amosu (World’s Most Expensive Wine)

  1. If person drink this wine, will the person not die again or will it increase the person life sperm

  2. Kia Don Jazzy rily degrade this so called champagne…..drinking it with Loyamilk cup uses in drinking AGBO rily shows that their is nothing biggie wif de wine….he grade it alongside with Loyamilk….I equals it with agboo…duo agbo is better becox agbo is medicinal……..

  3. Stupid people on stupid ideas ,why don’t you come down to africa and help the homeless ones? can you tell Nigerians or Africa as a whole any Charity organizations that u are herding or even sponsoring .
    this type of live don’t rain anymore and mind u that whatever u have is in ur pocket.God bless BIAFRA

  4. wen we sound dis way brodas,we seem to envy dis guys wealth..HE IS MADE and it is called FANTASY LIFE..dat really does not entail dat he does not help nor do charity

  5. Hmm..wat is really in the content of dat bottle? Is it the normal champagne dat I knw? Of is des one made with gold? C’mon Africa wake up $2million dollars can be put in good use,dat money can save millions of life! Rader dan wasting it on drinks in oda 2 show off! Jxt few months ago Ghana payed chris brown $1million dollars for jxt one show!

  6. don jazzy mind hw creat enemies here bcos i wonder if d wine make someone 2 b immortal after drinking it.

  7. End time is here, guyz wise up
    Bkos heaven is real. The no of life u are able to touch matter most not what u eat or drink wit the money

  8. Just 1 quest to ask how many days or month eh go finish d drink well we leant he was given to him he ddnt buy it abeg make una give peter okoye d money atlist eh get beter thng to do illuminati wine

  9. E nor get word wen then dey talk,the wine dey raise dead or save life,abeg E make owner forget that kind mata bcos E nor go fit happen,nor be for this life,don jazzy say him na don,there is a saying,in every successful man there is a woman,he is not yet successful unless he get married first,talk about people like 2 face,he have a wife and children,2 face is successful,i like 2 face kind of person,he is,humble honest smart and everything,nor be that yeye man when dey call him self don jazzy

  10. Talking of this wine, does it cure Ebola?
    Now Nick Canon wore 2.2million Dollars pair of shoe to ‘American’s got Talent’ finale…that’s what I call show off stupidity.
    Anyways, Don Jazzy own na gift shaa, so I no blame am. Besides, Don Jazzy is a philanthropist to the core.


  12. Since 2013 you never still drink the wine way dey dash u boltonboy dey wait for d bottle so dat him go use am sell kerosene for 200million #themostexpensivekerosene

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