Don Jazzy: “Why I Never Reveal My Girlfriend’s Identity”

don jazzy girlfriend

March 31st, 2013 – Don Jazzy: “Why I Never Reveal My Girlfriend’s Identity”

Nigerian music producer Michael Ajereh popularly called Don Jazzy has come open to reveal why he never made his romance public.

As well all know, Don Jazzy has never been spotted with his girlfriend by preying eyes.

In response to a fan who asked him the question “Please show us ONOME”

Here is Don Jazzy’s response

“I cannot almost every relationship that has been blogged about dey fail”

don jazzy dating

Heyah Don baba is afraid of loosing his sweet Onome… Una do well broda. Keep her well ojare.

So who is Don Jazzy dating?

13 thoughts on “Don Jazzy: “Why I Never Reveal My Girlfriend’s Identity”

  1. Don Jazzy, its high time u settle down, I mean get married.U are no longer a small boy,competing with all these little boys in girlfriend issues is degrading ,its time to become papa onome rather than onome’s boyfriend,wake up dude.

  2. Don Jazzy, you should be ashamed still answering the name “boyfriend” at this age. When will you now settle down “boyfriend”?

  3. my dear DON JAZZY dude’s at your age don’t do boy friend thing any more, so its high time you have a rethink of your life “MR BOYFRIEND”

  4. Guess he’s taking his time ,getting married is a step living happily ever after is another stage ooo

  5. Guys pls stp insulting the poor guy. Marriage is nt sumtin u jst jump into. Base on the kind of a person he is, all girls wuld wnatu be his wife jst becus of moni but nt love. So let’s allow him leave his lyf nd nt judge him. All he needs is our prayer 4 him 2 get a good woman dat wuld be there 4 him @all times. Tnks!!!!

  6. Marriage is not by force ooooo. Pls let him take his time so that he can get it right. As for those that thinks his too old to be dating, why don’t u mind ur business…

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