Donald Trump: Covfefe Meaning Trends As US President Misspells Coverage On Twitter

donald trump covfefe meaning

May 31, 2017 – Searches On Covfefe Meaning Trends On Google & Twitter After Trump Blames The Media For Negative Coverage

It seems President Donald Trump returned from NATO with a new slang that has no place in the dictionary.

Days after the controversial president returned from his meeting with world’s leaders, his new late night tweet #covfefe is causing frenzy around the globe.

See Trump’s late night tweet that everyone around the world is talking about below

This is not the first time Trump will cause a Twitter meltdown but this particular word has become the most trending item on Twitter.

The bizarre word apparently created by Trump has no dictionary meaning.

According to Google Translation in Russian language, Covfefe means “I Resign” so it doesn’t make sense in the context of Trump’s tweet.

To further calm down the tension Trump Covfefe is generating, Regent’s English Language Center in London said the word is not an English word.

A critic said Twitter has now become one of the powerful weapon Trump is using to control the world.

Well from NG understanding, that covfefe must have been misspelled by the King of Drama Himself.

Donald Trump meant to type coverage when he mistakenly typed covfefe but he refused to admit his mistake.  He later took to Twitter to delete the viral tweet.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Covfefe Meaning Trends As US President Misspells Coverage On Twitter

  1. Let the man be, he was obviously tired and sleepy. I’m certain that Trump is the last President that wants to ‘covfefe’ (I mean,’resign’ in Russian language).

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