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Donald Trump Not A Good Listener, He’s A Bad Leader To Have In Time Of Crisis

donald trump not a good listener

Donald Trump Not A Good Listener, He Is A Bad Leader To Have In Time Of Crisis

Donald Trump is loved by the evangelicals because he claims to love Jesus. Is he truly a man of faith. A man filled with the spirit will not attack and insult people the way he does all the time. Donald J Trump needs to surrender his life to Christ and ask for healing if he ever wants lead this country in the right path.
I Love Donald Trump but he doesn’t have the temperament to be a good leader. He is a very determined man who loves the United States of America but that doesn’t qualify him to be a good leader.
The way he talks to people and handle issues bothers me. His poor decision brought America to where it is now.

donald trump bad leader

No doubt the evangelicals want him back but is he the will of God for our dear country. Please ask yourself that question.

I feel bad for the press men and women he insulted during the Press Briefing at the White House yesterday Monday the 13th of April 2020. I can’t stand the rude way he addresses people and cut them short.


He is not a good listener. He only listen with the voice of emotion and conclude questions for press men and women. He never allows people to ask question. He acts like a dictator and am really worried. He doesn’t know how to apologise or accept he is wrong.

His Vice President, Mike Pence will make a better President. God bless Mike Pence for his calmness and empathy for health care workers and victims of Covid19.

I wish Mike Pence can run for President instead of Donald Trump, I will happily vote for him. No, I won’t vote for Donald Trump. He has a good intention for our country but doesn’t have the temperament of a good leader.

God bless America and may God restore peace to our country.



  1. Lucky Igboho

    April 14, 2020 at 8:05 PM

    The guy has mental problem that is what most people don’t know.
    Donald Trump has mental disorder, pls let us allow him to rest.

  2. Segun

    April 15, 2020 at 11:13 AM

    He has said it all, he has good vision, but believes only on what he knows, always want to make history, want to be outstanding at the espense of anyone,
    His problem to me is that he knows much and believes only on what he knows..
    That’s not good for a president

  3. Donal

    April 15, 2020 at 6:37 PM

    The guy is a nutcase

  4. Oluwatobi

    April 15, 2020 at 8:44 PM

    @ The writer, I’m not in support of the bad character Donald Trump displays too but that doesn’t mean he is not born again as you said.

    Salvation does not bring automatic character change to man’s soul which is responsible for our characters, only our spirit is resurrected and made alive/ responsive unto God.
    When saved, apart from being delivered from Hell, God imparts the Holyspirit through which by yielding to him man can serve God in spirit and truth, thereby displaying the character of God by the spirit’s help.
    A christian who has bad character doesn’t necessary make his/her salvation questionable, but it surely questions their obeidence and yieldedness to the Holyspirit which makes them unable to mortify the deeds of the flesh.
    Donald Trump needs to walk in the fruit of the Holyspirit most especially in Love and Gentility. He has his own excesses but he is by far a great choice for the Body of Christ and the Church of God than that Hilary Clinton- Occultic and Demonic woman. I LOVE AND SUPPORT MIKE PENCE TOO

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