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President Trump And Joe Biden: A Choice Between Coca Cola & Pepsi!

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President Trump And Joe Biden: A Choice Between Coca Cola & Pepsi!

Majority of the the inhabitants of this planet just follow the crowd, they follow popular opinion, especially what the powers that be, using the Global Press, churns out!

I don’t understand what the excitement is about in Nigeria, over a Biden win!

Was it not Biden and his boss Obama that that were accused of helping install the current Nigerian regime? Was it Biden that called General Buhari lifeless? Was it Biden that General Buhari himself recently accused of telling him to stop killing his people? Yes we saw a tweet from Biden during the #Endsars protests, but the truth is Trump and Biden represents the same interests, maybe in varying degrees of sophistication, the White House foreign policy especially as it concern Africa will not change much just because it has a new landlord!

Yes, progressive critical thinkers, especially in the West who claim they care about the future of humanity, some of whom I admire so much, like the great Richard Dawkins, insist President Trump must go, the truth is that even they are caught in a quandary, namely, getting rid of the “wicked Donald Trump and his corrupt family and cronies” or voting for yet “another corporatist liberal”, Joe Biden.

Whether we like it or not, this is all the same of same, only with a little fine tuning so the crowd of simpletons worldwide won’t notice!

Four years ago it was President Trump and Hillary Clinton, and we all saw Hillary’s record with the deleted emails, with the Haiti controversy, with Libya and so on…

Those who accuse President Trump of fascism, racism, and all the other evil vocabulary in the dictionary, often close thier eyes to Biden’s ties to “Wall Street and militarism” too. And there are many, even in the West who knows Biden will betray every single ideal and principle for which they stands, but they are just so disgusted with Trump, maybe rightly so, and so they have decided to jump from one crumbling building to another in hope that it won’t crumble.

This is why I do not see any reason for excitement in Africa. Joe Biden has been in power for 47 years, one of his childhood dreams is to be president, he was with President Obama for 8 years, what did they do for Africa, what did they do even for Obama’s native Kenya? As we speak, there are extended family members of Obama in Kenya who are disapointed with the man, so what’s all the excitement about here?

If you ask me, I’d say politicians, Western or not, are all the same, and for places like Congo, Nigeria’s Niger/Delta, Libya, just name it, most of these politicians and thier policies irrespective of thier party affiliation, represents a definition of nightmares for countless Africans .

Ask many Biden supporters in the USA, some of who insist they are doing so because he is the candidate “who can be most effectively pressured”, why they swiftly kicked out islamists like the BDS-backing Palestinian activist, Linda Sarsour from taking part in his campaign? For those who claim they love the Democrats because they are “liberals” whatever that means, what sort of “pressure” can they hope to exert when even they can’t trust themselves?

I know there are those who hate President Trump so much they hope to see a day he is collected from the White House and taken to prison or asylum – whichever is closer, I do not claim to know more than them, especially those who live in the USA, many of whom I know personally, but my humble opinion is, this is all same of same. And I am speaking as an African, as a Nigerian who believes and knows there are some powerful forces working behind the scenes to see the citizens of the world are kept exactly where they want them to be. Call me whatever you like, conspiracy theorist or whatever, only someone sleeping or living in a bubble would deny that for years, Africa has been disadvantaged, and that Nigeria has been in a mess because of the overt or covert support of these powerful interests in the West and their African collaborators.

I will only be excited the day I see a candidate that will support a truly independent Africa, a truly independent Nigeria where all our resources will be truly ours to control, where corruption will be zero, where manufacturing will thrive, where true leaders will be supported here, not the current clowns that are being foisted on us! And sadly, Africa will not get this from a Biden White House!

What makes Biden different from Trump when he gave his unconditional support to the Iraqi war. If the Democrats were really as liberal as they claim, they should have gone for Bernie Sanders, but twice in a row, the Democratic Party made absolutely sure to kill his chances…

Tell me how is voting for Biden not a continuation of the very foundation of a political culture that has a whole platoon of Trumps and Bidens waiting to surface if given the opportunity, a culture that will continue to see Africa as a place to be plundered?

Must it be Biden, a 77-year-old who’s spent 47 years in politics, who’s been accused of dementia by Trump, what’s he about to do now that he couldn’t do in 47 years? Some say he’s a good man, tell me, since when did that become the sole criteria of being a good leader? Even Osama bin Laden was a good man to many!

Yet it is the same people who claim Buhari who was head of state in 1984 and he is still president today that are shouting Trump is this, Trump is that, Biden is who, Biden is what! How is this not hypocrisy?

For me, this is just a vicious cycle that can only “end through a sustained and uncompromising course of critical thinking against the very grain of this political culture that demonises the Black Lives Matter uprising, celebrates neo-Nazis, canonizes the Hillary Clintons and Joe Bidens of this world as God-given salvation against this murderous banality” and sees Africa as cash cow for natural resources.

This was how we celebrated Obama as a good man, yet when the man resumed at the Oval Office he didn’t halt the sales of arms and ammunition to nations that use same to ruin weaker nations, i.e Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates who have not halted the killing of more Yemeni children till date. Tell me, are Yemeni children not children too?

I am sure some of the Nigerians celebrating Biden now think when he takes office, he would stop Shell and Chevron, with their Nigerian government collaborators from ruining the Niger/Delta!

As former vice president, I am yet to see how will Biden be better than Obama? How is voting for Biden not an excusing or endorsement of years of America helping to arm, train, sell weapons to guerilla fighters across Africa, or selling arms to countries like Saudi Arabia their biggest buyers, or the exploitation of Africa’s resources?

Why would any decent human being want to do anything like that? Yes, Trump could be an American monster as many argue, tell me how Biden is going to be different in the next four years?

I believe for Western thinkers and the American public, the ultimate responsibility today should not have been a rush to vote for a lesser evil, but sustaining the course of critical thinking that seeks to overcome both evils. And for Nigerians who blindly jump on the bandwagon, it is your duty to pause and ask yourselves why for 60 years we have have not been able to fix electricity when those in power throughout the time and now were and are still being drawn from the same poll of people who have been suffering the same darkness for years! Can’t you see there are some powerful external Influences at work here?

Well, 2023 would soon be here, it will be elections in Nigeria too, my advise before hand will be save our energy now and when that time comes and we find we are trapped between a choice of Coca cola and a Pepsi, to not act like Americans have done today by picking one of the lesser evil because both are black liquids with sugar in them, but to seek healthier choice by breaking free from same of the same…

God bless Nigeria!

*©|Albert Afeso Akanbi|08.11.2020|8:06am|Abuja|Nigeria|*

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