Doris Simeon “Remarries”…See Wedding Photos & New Husband

doris simeon wedding photos

The good time is here again for Nollywood actress Doris Simeon whose marriage to film producer Daniel Ademinokan crashed in 2013.

The actress who is currently in the United States has “remarried”.

The wedding took place on the set of “Land of America”, an upcoming project by Taiwo Oduala.

See more photos from the wedding scene below

doris simeon new husband
doris simeon remarries

Doris Simeon is currently in Colorado for the upcoming movie. Click here for more.

7 thoughts on “Doris Simeon “Remarries”…See Wedding Photos & New Husband

  1. I am surely happy for you sister, closed to tears. Anyway it has been destined.
    God Almighty will blessed your new marriage with the fruit of the womb. Lesson has been learned, hold your marriage tight. Do not discussed any of your matrimonial issue with friends nor the pastors? Ask God to put you through in any issue. He will guide you through in spirit of your mind amen.

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