Actress Doris Simeon Without Her Ex-Husband Daniel Ademinokan

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June 16, 2013 – Nollywood Actress Doris Simeon Without Her Ex-Husband Daniel Ademinokan

Victim of the latest divorce in Nollywood, actress Doris Simeon who was dumped by her loving hubby, Daniel Ademinokan for a fellow actress Stella Damasus is living her life to the fullest.

The now single mother of one was recently spotted at a movie premiere grooving in high spirit.

Dressed in a little black dress with glittering stones, Doris danced her way through into the crowded hall, cheering fans along, while at the same time exchanging pleasantries with colleagues who couldn’t get their eyes off her curves which were accentuated by her short dress.

Her marriage might have ended but it seems the actress has made up her mind to enjoy her life.

Life is too short to take every issue seriously.

The best decision is to live our life to the fullest no matter what we’re faced with.

When there is life, there is hope.

10 thoughts on “Actress Doris Simeon Without Her Ex-Husband Daniel Ademinokan

  1. Enjoy ur life and hope soon u get a good better and nice man as husband, but this time shine ur eye b4 jump inside and make sure u and the man are good friend not only lover plus is mother in good times.

  2. It is well these artists are case.their lives style is not worth emulating, our children should be warned.

  3. Actists the ways u are living your lifes is bad u people are destroying our culture and the future of our young once for us be warned!

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