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Drama As Businesswoman Exposes Dirty Lifestyle Of Randy Husband At Lagos Divorce Court Today

woman exposes husband lagos

August 1t, 2016 – Drama As Lagos Businesswoman Exposes Dirty Lifestyle Of Randy Husband At Igando Divorce Court Today

A 42-year-old businesswoman and mother of three, Mrs. Olubunmi Balogun, on Monday in Lagos, lost her 13-year-old marriage to her husband, Abiodun Balogun, for denying him sex.

In his judgment, the president of Igando Customary Court, Mr. Adegboyega Omilola, said the petitioner was adamant despite all mediations from the court and family.

“Since the petitioner insisted on divorce after several interventions, the court has no choice than to dissolve the union in spite of the fact that the wife still claims she loves her husband.
“The court pronounces the marriage between Abiodun Balogun and Oluwabunmi Balogun dissolved today, both parties, henceforth, ceased to be husband and wife.

“Both are free to go their separate ways without any hindrances and molestation,” Omilola ruled.
Earlier, the petitioner, Mr. Abiodun Balogun, 51, an accountant, had filed a suit seeking the dissolution of his 13-year-old marriage to Oluwabunmi for alleged sex starvation.

“Whenever we had misunderstanding, my wife would deny me sex and food; and for the past six months now, she had not allowed me to make love to her,” he said.

He said that Oluwabunmi was fond of accusing him of infidelity.
“My wife was always accusing me of dating any woman she saw in my car.

“She once trailed me to a place, stopped my car, dragged out the woman inside my car and gave her the beating of her life.
“She also beat up one of our tenants whom she accused of having an illegal affair with me.
“Because of her behaviour, I ordered her to leave my house and when she refused, I packed out from the house, ‘’he said.

Abiodun, therefore, urged the court to dissolve his marriage, saying that he was sick and tired of the marriage.

The accountant told the court that the love he once had for Olubunmi had faded.

However, the businesswoman said that her husband was a womaniser and was always running after anything in skirt.

“He attempted to rape my teenage housekeeper when I went for a vigil.
“My 12-year-old housekeeper, half-naked, rushed to meet me in the church at about 12 midnight and told me that my husband wanted to rape her.

“She stayed with me throughout the vigil. The following morning, I took the girl to my husband’s room to repeat in his presence what she told me during the vigil.
“The housekeeper said that the petitioner came into her room, snatched her wrapper and attempted to rape her but she escaped and he sent her packing after the confrontation.

“I also caught him and my friend’s younger sister coming out of a hotel,” she said.
The mother of three also alleged that Abiodun was dating a single mother parent in their street.
She told the court that her husband packed out of the house the same day the other woman packed out of hers.

“My husband packed out of the house he built to an unknown destination, abandoning me and our children.
“He moved out with a lady he was dating in our street to rent an apartment elsewhere.
“Despite his infidelity, I still love him,” she said.




  1. D Hunter

    August 1, 2016 at 6:07 PM

    I believe the woman side of the story more. This man is a he-goat.

  2. Truce

    August 1, 2016 at 7:19 PM

    There is no smoke without fire, d man obviously has a lot up his sleeves.
    In his statement he said the wife dragged out a woman from his car, and series of other cases, mr man na only u waka come, why are u always seen with different women.
    Madam take heart and move on with ur life, he doesn’t deserve u at all. God will help u take care of ur children.

  3. fifelomo

    August 1, 2016 at 7:43 PM

    Good radiance to bad rubbish.

  4. betty

    August 1, 2016 at 8:44 PM

    he doesn’t worth u madam. transfer d love u have for him for ur kids.

  5. huchennar

    August 1, 2016 at 8:52 PM

    family issues… only God knows the actual true

  6. Bench

    August 1, 2016 at 8:58 PM

    P Sqare was sing do me I do you man is not a vexer. Is wetin she was do her boy friend wey her hosband is do her back. So man is not a vexer. Is only ogbanje is a vexer.

  7. Big Aunty Koks

    August 1, 2016 at 9:35 PM

    This is very sad. Truly love endures not because the object of the affection is perfect, but rather it lives on in spite of imperfections. However, now your husband has decided to move on, you have to advice your own heart to stop beating for him so you can also move on. Afteral how many women will you fight and what if you run into an amazon that is much stronger than you and she punches the living daylights out of you or worse.
    I pray with time you will heal. Best of luck!

  8. Maryf

    August 2, 2016 at 5:46 AM

    Truth can never hide. Reading the stories of the couple, you will know that the woman is saying the truth. The man is simply tired of his wife because he has many women in his life. Madam take heart and forget him. He’s not your maker.

  9. Eagle

    August 2, 2016 at 10:22 AM

    Madam let him be, old age is already after his heels. You have the two aces, the children and your business. Your peace of mind and health is very important for the sake of the children. God just saved you from venerable infections and grief over his death. Move on my dear, he doesn’t deserve you.

  10. Mon

    August 2, 2016 at 11:23 AM

    It must be the action of the woman that leads the man to be looking outside…
    however, there is one thing very important before marriage… there must be sexual compatibility Test, not only blood test etc.

    The truth is women may not match men on this, but they should not use quarrel as an excuse to deny any man conjugal property.

  11. sola olaniyi

    August 2, 2016 at 11:36 AM

    @mary,your comment though

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