Ebola-Like Killer Disease Outbreak Kills 50 In Kogi State As Victims Vomit Blood Prior To Death

strange disease kill 50 kogi

August 18,2017 – Ebola-Like Strange Disease Killed 50 In 3 Villages In Kogi State As Victims Vomited Blood Prior To Death…WHO Called For Help

The World Health Organization has been called to three villages in Kogi state where the outbreak of a deadly disease has terminated the lives of about 50 people.

According to Kogi State Health Commissioner Dr Audu Saka, the killer disease has killed 50 residents of Isanlu Esa, Okunran and Okoloke villages in Yagba West LGA of Kogi State.

Audu said the symptoms include high fever, diarrhoea and bloodstained vomiting.

He added that Lassa Fever was ruled out after a consultant at ECWA Hospital in Egbe said the result of blood samples was negative.

Here is what Dr. Jannette Hathorn, a Consultant at ECWA Hospital, Egbe told Audu yesterday: