EFCC Says Fayose, Obanikoro & Others Shared N4.745Billion From $2.1B Dasuki Gate

obanikoro fayose N4.7billion dasukigate

June 22, 2016 – EFCC Says Fayose, Obanikoro & Others Shared N4.745Billion From $2.1Billion Dasuki Gate

EFCC operatives have traced about N4.745billion of the diverted $2. 1billion arms cash to a former Minister of State (Defence), Musiliu Obanikoro and Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose.

The cash was sourced from the SAS Imprest Account of the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) under ex-NSA Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.) prior to the conduct of the June 21, 2014 Ekiti State governorship election, according to an Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) investigation.

Others linked with the sharing of the slush funds include Fayose’s associate, Abiodun Agbele(Alias Abbey); Mrs. Helen Olayemi Fayose; Obanikoro’s sons — Gbolahan and Babajide — Ikenna Ezekwe; Sylvan Mcnamara Limited(a company allegedly run by the Obanikoros); Spotless Hotel, owned by Fayose and De Privateer Limited, which is owned by Agbele.

About 30 bureaux de change changed N759, 384, 300 (out of the N4.745billion) into dollars.

A curious aspect of the findings by the EFCC is how Obanikoro, as a minister, flew N1.218billion to Akure on June 12, 2014 for Fayose a few days before the election.

According to documents obtained by our correspondent, EFCC investigators discovered that a firm, Sylvan Mcnamara Limited, allegedly owned by Obanikoro and his sons, was used to launder the N4.745billion.

A top official of the EFCC said: “Fayose benefited from the ONSA slush funds when he was yet to be a governor. So, the fact that he has immunity now as a governor does not mean we should not investigate him.

“The EFCC also has the right to interact with all those connected with the illegal withdrawal of public funds and the diversion of the cash.”

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16 thoughts on “EFCC Says Fayose, Obanikoro & Others Shared N4.745Billion From $2.1B Dasuki Gate

  1. This revelation doesn’t come to me as a surprise in any way. Why? A lot of Nigerian people doesn’t know that Gov. Fayose was disgraced from office during Obasanjo administration for charges ranging from money laundering operations, bad governance, and corruption. However, it came as a shock and great surprise when PDP recruited a once disgraced and impeached governor of Ekiti state as its governorship candidate by Badluck Jonathan political power and influence. What manner of a party or president recruit a tout, criminal, and area boy as a candidate of a state with such terrible history? Fayose openly intimidated Ekiti state voters, rigged the election twice, and openly bribe voters on the election day with bags of rice, yam tumbers, and N2,000 each while security personal are quiet about it at the various polling booths across the state. He cannot pay salaries of state workers for five months while hiding about N500 million in a single Zenith Bank account. Only an insane individual will rally behind an animal in human body like Fayose after sucking Ekiti state fund dry. This is why he had resulted in raining insults on president Buhari unreasonably to draw unnecessary sympathy because he knew that his days are numbered. Nigerian people and most especially, Ekiti people will be surprised when more of Fayose atrocities against his people are revealed before our very eyes. This idiot should be impeach by Ekiti House with immediate effect so that he can be sent to prison very soon. Good job and kudos to EFCC for catching another political crooks, looter, and wicked vagabonds. There is God ooooooooooooo!

    • Seriously? How do you justify a coup plotter and an avowed enemy of democracy as a president of Nigeria? A tyrant that has no respect for human civil liberties and whose disdain for the rule of law is second to none.

  2. What the heck! I couldn’t help but weep for my dear country. This politicians are hardened criminals. God, these people don’t no this life is vanity upon vanity! Where’s for governor of Bayelsa State and so many late politicians? How could just one person aware that wealth? And the masses lack good things! This country is finished!

  3. Fayose has mouth diarrhea and lacks decorum.I have never seen a lousy governor like this man before.He talks like someone that has brain cancer.The same President you accused of wearing baby pampers is the one dealing with you now. When you get to prison you will go and wear the pampers for whoever you wish to wear it for. He forgot the Yoruba adage that says eni ti o ju eni lo o le ju eni nu.Youre going to kirikiri prison to cool off.Omo ale Yoruba.I had pity for you when former President Olusegun Obasanjo sent you out unceremoniously from government house, have since distanced myself from you as a result of your uncontrolled, stupid and lousy utterances.Baba was right to have sent you out of government house.Omo ale.

  4. Criminals! Always on social media talking trash as if he care about the masses. I have never seen Fayose commissioning any project in the state, instead he’s always on the news insulting mr president just to divert attention from his incompetency. This same criminal was impeached during his first tenure yet some shallow minded nigerians will be shouting witch hunting! Was Buhari in power when this parrot was first impeached for looting his state treasury dry? Some nigerians are so fooling for seeing this lunatic as a saint. He could not pay his workers salary for over 5 months now, when his Anambra state counterpart is not even owing a single month. Shame on Fayose! The mad dog with mouth cancer, u appear older than the man u wish death already. I pity Ekiti pipo!

  5. Fayose has mouth diarrhea and lacks decorum and he is very lousy. At a point I was thinking he has brain cancer. I have never seen any governor that is this lousy, even the governor of Bayelsa State where the former President is from wouldn’t descend so low to this level of Fayose.No wonder the former Present Olusegun Obasanjo chased him out of office. The current President that Fayose accused of using baby pampers is the same person that is dealing with him now. When he gets to kirikiri he would explain to them the person using pampers. Omo ale.

  6. Obanikoro & Fayose are crooks. I have said it earlier in this forum that Obanikoro used his two sons as a front for his money laundering act. His sons used some of these proceeds to purchase property across United States. Can Obanikoro come out publicly and deny the allegations levy against him by the EFCC?. Just to let you know that EFCC knows how to do its investigation properly because that money has been traced to your private accounts. What’s wrong with you guys investing our stolen money in foreign Countries? This was the money that was earmarked for Arms purshase during the course of Boko Haram upheaval. Some of our military died when they were trying to protect us from BH by using ill-equipped arms while you, Fayose and Co were sharing the money. Most of these soldiers who died while protecting us are also a father and sons of some parents. If any of these deceased children turn out to be an Armed robber you will be the first person to condemn them that they are thieves, they should be hanged where as your actions and your greediness had caused them to become an armed robber and your own children will be enjoying the money that suppose to be spent for the protection of every citizen. Mind you, you are not immune from extradition when you will be forced to account for your atrocities, you and Fayose. For you Fayose these are the money you relied on when you were bragging. Now you have realized that it only takes one botton to freeze your entire savings.

  7. It is easier to swallow than to vomit. The name of the money I hear here is already giving me headache. Evil people who don’t want Nigeria to ever stand on her two legs!

    Weldone, EFCC, even though I dare not shout it loud, for it is easy to detect how you are dancing to the tune dictated by a lopesided PMB. I have never heard in a democracy where an exercutive governor, who enjoys the same immunity as the president, is investigated. This is yet another cases of flouting the rule of law under PMB. I see my things from both sides because I am not a politician.

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