Somalia Security Chief Abdiweli Mohammed Ali Killed By Bodyguard, Former Al Shabaab Terrorist

Somalia National Security Chief killed

June 22, 2016 – Somalia National Security Chief Abdiweli Mohammed Shot Dead By His Bodyguard, Former Al Shabaab Terrorist

Somalia police on Wednesday confirmed that Abdiweli Mohamed, Head of National Security in Middle Shebelle region, was shot dead in Jowhar, on Tuesday by one of his bodyguards.

Ahmed Mohamud, a Police Officer in Jowhar, made the confirmation and said that Mohamed was killed in Jowhar.

He said in Mogadishu that two other bodyguards were wounded, while the assassin escaped and was being pursued by security operatives.

Mohamed said that residents of the community disclosed that the bodyguard who shot the security chief was a former member of al Shabaab, who had defected to the government.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Musab, Spokesman for the al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-linked group, which seeks to topple the west-backed government in Mogadishu and impose Islamic law or Sharia, has claimed responsibility for the killing.

“We are behind the killing of the head of the national security for Middle Shebelle region,’’ Musab said.

An African Union-mandated force, AMISOM, forced al-Shabaab from most of its strongholds in southern Somalia, but it continues to conduct deadly attacks on Somalia’s security forces, AMISOM and civilian targets, mostly in Mogadishu.


11 thoughts on “Somalia Security Chief Abdiweli Mohammed Ali Killed By Bodyguard, Former Al Shabaab Terrorist

  1. It is believed that “ The devil you know is better than the Angel you dont know“

    Question: Who was the person that even made that assertion?
    Bcos I can see that if you know somebody to be a devil, then it‘s not safe being with such a soul in the first place.

    I take a stroll…

    • @Hunter you are correct. This is exactly what happened in Nigeria. Major General JTU Aguiyi Ironsi made TY Danjuma his body guard and it was Danjuma that killed him. One can never trust these body guards.

  2. Once a terrorist is always a terrosrist, you can trust these guys not to talk of trusting them with am important life of a man

  3. Is it that they didn’t know he was once a terrorist, bcos I don’t think he would av been his guard if they knew about it. Such deception.

  4. There is no way one can discern the thoughts of another human being. As head of Security the deceased must have conducted a background check on his assassin and probably knew his connection to a terrorist group. It was therefore a risk hiring such person and with events unfolding, that employment has become a very costly mistake. Give evil a very wide berth, however attractively wrapped it may be.
    RIP to the dead!

  5. A caused nation . Go to all over the world you can hardly see a Somalia achiever dem. They are always lay back , burglers,. So unfortunate for the people of this country.

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