Eiye Cult Members Killed Aiye Cultist In Somolu Lagos

eiye aiye cult clash

August 25, 2014 – Eiye Vs Aiye Cult Clash: Gang Members Killed Aiye Cultist In Somolu Lagos

A young man has died in Somolu area of Lagos state due to cultism.

The 18-year-old boy identified as Sunday was killed on Onajimi Street in Somolu on Friday after a brutal attack on him by the members of the dreaded Eiye Confraternity cult group.

The young man was slashed with a broken bottle and strangled to death by a 7-man Eiye gang members

Those who killed Sunday were said to be members of the Eiye Confraternity group..

A source, who was at the scene of the incident, said, “It happened on Friday afternoon. Sunday had been away from the area for sometime because he feared he would be killed by the men. His mother had also told him to stay away.

“But on Friday, he suddenly showed up on a visit to his parents. He was first at Oyeyemi Street, where he drank with some of his friends.

“In the afternoon, he went to his mum’s shop at Onajimi, where she was selling noodles.

“He was eating noodles when a member of the Eiye gang spotted him, and came around with some other members.

“While the others were in hiding, he came to take a second look at him to be sure he was their target. He then signaled to the rest to come out of their hiding.”

Another source said, “The men, numbering seven, grabbed the teenager and shot him twice in the chest, hacked him with cutlasses, broke a bottle and slashed him from the armpit down to his stomach. When they saw he was still breathing, they strangled him.”

Later on Friday, some friends of the victim suspected to be members of Aiye confraternity cult took his corpse to the front of the house of a landlord, whose son was suspected to be a member of the Eiye Confraternity.

They dropped his corpse there and began vandalising the property.

The Aiye cultists on a revenge mission warned the tenants to vacate the property because they would return to burn it down.

13 thoughts on “Eiye Cult Members Killed Aiye Cultist In Somolu Lagos

  1. May the Lord have mercy on our youths. These are the hope of this nation. You can see what happened to the 18 year old, in the presense of the mother.

  2. this same issue is happening in surulere. eiye boys killed and aye guy and everybody had to leave the area because of it. you dont even have to be an eiye boy before they attack you. as far as you have friends that are eiye boys, you will be attacked too. This issue of cultism is getting to much esp in shomolu/bariga. just yesterday, aye boys killed and eiye guy and they did c-section for him( slashed his stomach open, brought out his intestines)

  3. They look like Boko Haram ‘s fucking soldiers or they have just been recruited by Shakeu. Shakeu my dog’s ass.

  4. Let stand up nigeria the politician are using out our power to gain respect taking you as “my boys will handle it”let be in an accord

  5. d problem start from each family, train ur child, d bible says. i am sure that sunday himself is a cultist and must have killed an airlord(eiye).

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