Emem Isong: Motherhood Has Slowed Down My Movie Productions

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April 15, 2017 – Emem Isong: Motherhood Has Slowed Down My Movie Productions

Last year May, celebrated filmmaker, Emem Isong, delivered a set of twins for her Cameroonian husband, Akama Midodi.

As a working mother, who is always engrossed with movie productions and training of aspiring actors, Isong faces the challenge of marrying both motherhood and career perfectly. Revealing how she copes, the mother of three said:

“Motherhood hasn’t been easy, it slowed down my productions a bit, because to me, family comes first. I have to place my priorities right. But I do the best I can to see that I balance both. In addition, I have competent hands at home, taking care of the kids while I do my movies.”

Inside Nollywood asked Isong if she had a premonition of having a set of twin boys, but the filmmaker said that she never saw it coming.

“Of course, I wasn’t expecting that I would have twins. I used to jokingly wish for twins, but I never knew it would come to pass. In fact, when the doctors informed me of them, I was so shocked. I was speechless for a while because we don’t have twins in my family, though my husband’s family has twins. Honestly, I didn’t know it would get to me.

“However, I was super excited about the news; who wouldn’t want double blessing? I had no boy before the twins came, now, I have experienced the birth of a child and that of two babies at the same time,” she enthused.

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