Enugu Cooperative Bank Owner, Chief Patrick Nwokike Arrested For Duping Investors Of N4B

chief patrick nwokike arrested

Oct 7, 2016 – Enugu Wonder Bank MD, Chief. Patrick Shanchi Nwokike Arrested For Duping Depositors Of N4 Billion Investments

Patrick Nwokike, “Lets Partner With You Ltd” MD Arrested For Duping Depositors Of N4B Investments

The EFCC on Thursday said it has arrested the Managing Director of Enugu’s Wonder Bank “Lets Partner With You Ltd” Chief. Patrick Shanchi Nwokike. Depositors are said to have lost over N4 billion of their investments.

A statement issued by the EFCC in Enugu said Chief Nwokike was arrested following over a hundred petitions, from across the country, on the operations of “an alleged Wonder bank and its nefarious activities.

“Petitions from a cross section of Nigeria and cutting across religious, gender, ethnic, economic and social class indicate that the company had over the past five years solicited and obtained deposits of more than N4,000,000,000 from the general public with promise of mouth watering interest in return.”

The Commission said its investigations revealed that the company has no license to solicit and manage funds for the public, neither was it registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Company, (NDIC).

“Further investigations revealed that a 10 percent interest was for some time paid on invested capital which for no reason, was suddenly stopped, and all efforts by depositors to have at least the capital of their investments returned nor terminate their investments proved abortive.

“Many of the complainants alleged that the operators of the scheme especially, Chief Nwokike not only live very flamboyant lifestyles, but acquired several personal assets as well as using their deposits for philanthropic enterprise.

“The company was also found to have over six accounts in about four banks with the CEO of “Lets Partner With You Ltd” and his wife being the only signatories of the accounts.”

In his statement, Nwokike reportedly acknowledged that depositor’s funds with his company was about N4,000,000,000, but denied operating both money lending and investment business as alleged by the petitioners.

13 thoughts on “Enugu Cooperative Bank Owner, Chief Patrick Nwokike Arrested For Duping Investors Of N4B

  1. The pompous idiot who thinks he is a thin god claiming to be what he is not. messing gullible women up and sharing peoples money. He has always been a fraudster.

  2. i wish these people can use their duping brain to work rightly for us… this country would have improved.
    #cluless human

  3. Let’s Partner With You sweet-mouth….. Mchweeeeeeew.! Since you love titles what of calling yourself ” the scammer Bank-man who provoked mammoth 100 Petitions?” Falsehood personified. A beg make person go read better news Jo wo !!!

  4. what a wonderful world? people are heartless and wicked. imagine the number of people he is sending to grave by this.his wife is even an accomplice to this wicked act…can she deny not having knowledge/ partaking in the plan? oh people has lost conscience because of money. his generation is in total shamble, ofcourse the souls of innocent ibos who would die out of shock and loss of hope for duping them their all life earnings will hunt him, hunt his wife, hunt his children and all he has. just turning his home to a grave yard. may God have mercy

  5. Please is there any chance this innocent people recovering there fund. Hence he has accepted collecting money from them.

  6. I always know that this man is a scammer. Living big off peoples sweat. borrowed robes need to be returned nah

  7. Is only God will kill you in a car accident I’d you don’t pay my money, if you didn’t pay my money back you and ur children, will go to hell, ur will will be crying she will never have rest off mind
    And t

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