Evangelist Olaniyi Pirisola Murdered In Ilutitun Okitipupa Ondo While Returning From Night Vigil

September 3rd, 2016 – Hon. Evangelist Olaniyi Pirisola Assassinated In Ilutitun Okitipupa Ondo State While Returning From Night Vigil

“Cowards die many times before their deaths: The valiant never taste of death but once”. William Shakespeare

Darkness fell on Ilutitun Osooro in the wake of 2nd September, 2016 when the former Okitipupa Local Government Chairman, Honorable Olaniyi Pirisola, was assassinated by suspected hired killers in his country home while return from an overnight prayers. Elders were shocked, Youths grieved and children panicked.

A Prophet, Shepherd, farmer and politician, Marvelous, as fondly called by friends, will forever be remembered as a brave warrior that fought gallantly dreaded political battles.

hon olaniyi pirisola

Throughout his long political voyage, he has constantly been the most loved, and most implicitly followed by friends, and the most dreaded by opponents, of all living Ilutitun politicians.

In 2011, he was a candidate for the House of Representatives in the Labour party primaries.

He was an active and outspoken member of the Labour party. In recent years he had been a central member of the People Democratic Party in Okitipupa Local Government.

Ilutitun Osooro will always remember him as a grassroot politician and a religious leader with a difference.
Born on 3rd January, 1959, Pirisola is survived by wives and children.

[Condolence message from family members]

10 thoughts on “Evangelist Olaniyi Pirisola Murdered In Ilutitun Okitipupa Ondo While Returning From Night Vigil

  1. Hummmm….shivers! What has he done, enh? What has a man with so much prolific and outstanding records done? Killed while returning from a night vigil? Sometime, I wonder why God allow certain things to happen. Though, He knows the best. But then, Whose toe has this man stepped on to warrant this painful execution just like that?

    Even if he offend someone, must killing him be the only way out? Is the one who hired his killers a Saint? What if God want to visit him for his Sins?

    Both the mastermnider and the mercenaries that actually carried out the execusion should never know peace and when found out, deserve only death equal to the one/s they have taken.


  2. he is a very popular man in ondo and it environ.. outspoken indeed especially under the regime of the current governor.. it is crystal clear that his opposition killed him…. you don’t force success on yourself it comes if you deserve people that kills to get to post are not worth being their.. #ondo guber is near the corner… things are happening but may God help us…rip sir rest wherever you deserve
    . .
    #clueless human

  3. naijagists.com i would love to see update in the ongoing primary of the APC in ondo state….26 contestant from one party no be beans…
    ……. thanks as i wait for it.

  4. Murder, rape, kidnapping and robbery now trends. Who’s save ?

    One have to write their will when you wanna step outside your door, even if you’re going to buy bread because death now walk the street with human.As for the person/people that did this,Happy now ???

    What a painful, wicked way to die. Rest in peace Marvelous.

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