Evans Father Warns Son To Stop Releasing Names, Tells Him To Ask God For Forgiveness

June 24, 2017 – Evans Father, Stephen Onwuamadike Warns Son To Stop Releasing Names, Tells Him To Ask God For Forgiveness

The father of Chukwudi Chidumeme Onwuamadike (aka Evans) on Friday dismissed as false the claim by Evans of once giving him N3million and a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Evans had told reporters last weekend when he took interrogators to one of the dens his gang used for the detention of victims on Green Street, Jakande Estate, Isolo,Lagos.

“Before I stopped going home, I gave my father N3million and I bought him an SUV and a pick-up van. I believe that part of the money I gave him was what he used to establish the piggery business. Had it been my father had taken good care of me, I wouldn’t have become what I am today,” the suspect said.

However, Mr. Stephen Onwuamadike said yesterday that nothing could have been farther from the truth than the allegation by his son.

“If he insists that he gave me money, they should ask him when and how he brought the money to me, whether through the bank or through anybody,” he told The Nation on Thursday at his Nnewi, Anambra State residence .

“I have been in poverty in Nnewi here and feeding has been a problem for me and somebody, somewhere said he gave me N3million.Where is the money or any sign of it in this house?

“Money does not hide; I feed myself and my mother with this small piggery I’m running, while my mother engages in buying of goats to keep body and soul together, even at her old age”

“My son should stop talking of things that are impossible and pray to God for forgiveness. I have never been in support of bad things in life and will never engage in such at this age.”

Onwumadike (snr) also disputed the claim by Evans that he had herbalists in Nnewi who were preparing charms for him.

The 58-year-old father of 11 described the allegation as name dropping.

“Security operatives should take him to Pastor T.B. Joshua for deliverance before any other thing, but he should stop dropping names,” he said.

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4 thoughts on “Evans Father Warns Son To Stop Releasing Names, Tells Him To Ask God For Forgiveness

  1. No papa, his deliverance is at kirikiri maximum! What is this young-old man talking about, you son had broken several law and you’re saying deliverance, are you not part of the problem?

  2. I think you would have advised your son to TB Joshua when he was shot with gun or when he left your village after all his crimes or after kidnapping his ogas children as a driver. I think is late now to go to TB Joshua

    Let him pray for forgiveness. But imagine the people he dealt with. My children are scared of Nigeria because of people like him.

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