Evans Loses Court Case, Says He Is Not A Kidnapper

evans loses court case

Nov 10, 2017  – Evans Loses Court Cases, Says He Is Not A Kidnapper

Billionaire kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans has denied allegations of kidnapping and demand of a $2 million ransom filed against him by the Lagos State Government.

Evans and his co-defendant Victor Nonso Aduba pleaded not guilty to a four count charge of conspiracy, kidnapping and unlawful possession of weapons.

The defendants were arraigned this morning after their application to quash the charge was dismmissed by Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo.

The court ruled, among others, that there was sufficient ground for a prima facie case against Evans and second defendant Victor Nonso Aduba.

Justice Taiwo held:

“I have read the proof of evidence. The court is the view of this court that there is sufficient reason to proceed. I find that this court has jurisdiction to try the charges. This application is subsequently dismissed.”

However, Evans’ counsel Olukoya Ogungbeje informed the court of his intention to test the decision at the Court of Appeal.

Ogungbeje also challenged the competence of an amended second charge of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, among others, filed against Evans by the state.

Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice Kazeem Adeniji informed the court that the change only affected a date on the seven-count charge.

Justice Taiwo stood down the matter for 40 minutes for ruling.


6 thoughts on “Evans Loses Court Case, Says He Is Not A Kidnapper

  1. How can a lawyer defend and say he is going to appeal, meanwhile he knows that all the evidence are there. That is why i did not like taking law, because it means sometime you have to look at something very wrong and say it is right, where is your conscience. What if it has happened to you, will you defend this man. Very sad.

  2. Maybe the lawyer’s family shd suffer d same fate as those Evans had dealt with. A man that was singing about all his misdeeds and promising to turn a new leaf suddenly says he is not guilty. What does that say about the Nigerian system? Woe to him that calls wrong right and right wrong!

  3. Please don’t condemn the lawyer as he is doing his job to earn a living but, we all know that Evans is a kidnapper and a murderer and him and his cohorts must be dealt with accordingly for those they have killed and kidnapped. Serve them the same fate they serve those they kidnapped.

  4. In a country where the identy of the number one citizen sundenly became confusing, the likes of Evans can only get jail sentence if the judge is denied part of his ill gotten wealth .

  5. Somebody like this Evans should not be taken to court he should be left to walk unescorted in the streets for only 2 hours am sure he will be roasted alive only 1 gallon of petrol and a stick of matches that will be the end. SIKENA

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