Ex-Nigerian Model Yinka Olonode Commits Suicide In The US (Photo)

yinka oloyede suicide united states

May 6, 2013 – Ex-Nigerian Model Commits Suicide In Portland Oregon (RIP Yinka Olonode)

A former staff of Rhythm FM identified as Yinka Olonode has died.

He allegedly committed suicide after jumping from the 15th floor of an hotel in Portland, Oregon.

According to an autopsy report, Yinka allegedly killed himself at The Nines Hotel located at 525 South West Morrison St in Portland, Oregon.

He allegedly jumped down from the 15th floor of the popular hotel.

Police investigations revealed that the suicide happened around 6:30pm on the evening of Monday April 29, 2013.

Foul play wasn’t suspected in Yinka Olonode‘s death but police investigation continues.

According to sources, Yinka Olonode is a lively person who can never in his remind jumped from the 15th floor of a building.

Only God knows what happened to the 34-year-old model on that fateful evening.

May his soul rest in perfect peace

To see Yinka Oloyede clearly, watch MTN’s promo below

He is the guy in red hair.

15 thoughts on “Ex-Nigerian Model Yinka Olonode Commits Suicide In The US (Photo)

  1. May be.. He wana break guines book of record as the only person that jumped down 4rm 15th floor hotel… RIP

  2. Its not true,dey have killed dat guy there lying on d dead dat he committed suicide. Pls my brodas and sistas in dis blog.how many times have u heard dat a typicakl Nigerian kills him/herself no matter wat? Dat was how dey killed a Nigerian somtym in malaysia desame way olonode,s death and lied he committed suicides. D whites have becom fund of wasting yung Nigerians lives unecesarily. God will surely bring everytn to d bare one day. Wicked souls

  3. I’m d right girl 4 u osita not 4 money just 4 luv try me,i relly luv u osita serious about dis… Send ur no or u cal me 07064692289

  4. Nigerians out there dont let anyone deceive us that this guy killed himself. I trust big boyz ang girls of this country ,no matter our condition we will never think of killing ourself but all i know is that God knows what we dont know about his death.R.I.P bro

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