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EXPOSED! Stella Damasus Picks Fight With Toyin Aimakhu To Promote News Website

toyin aimakhu stella damasus

Feb 21, 2015 – Toyin Aimakhu Exposes Stella Damasus Biker Boyfriend, Begs Her To Return Doris Simeon’s Son

EXPOSED! Stella Damasus Picks Fight With Toyin Aimakhu To Promote News Website

AGN VP, Toyin Aimakhu has replied Stella Damasus’s video reply to an accusation that came up over 8 months ago.

As earlier reported by, Stella blasts Toyin Aimakhu yesterday, calling her a baby colleague.

Toyin few hours ago took to IG to reply the absentee Nollywood actress.

Check out Toyin’s reply below:

“Huh aunty stella replied me after 8 months(dancing shoki)i don die but ma i didn’t mention ur name o n u now said i hv toothpick leg haba aunty stella r u jst knwing dat or hv u forgotten dat time i beg beg beg b4 u acted in my movie halimat dat u came wit dat ur boyfriend dat drives big okada (lol powerbike)but the leg don fat small now u knw dat u r in America n u can’t come for now cos of un and ur radio stuffs(buhahabuha)but can snap n send to u ma…

“Aunty stella but btw me and you why r u jst replying after 8months n i swear i didn’t mention ur name o but ur conscience abi eyaa emabinu ma..I’m sorry ma but u said sumtin abt if bla bla my son(abi won di aunty stella ni)i mean r u under a spare ma (enife fi eja kika se bangles)mati lu yin ju my son with u,which kain joke be dat ma…

Anyway ma thats jst by the way ma but if e pain u ma I’m sorry ma but pls ask any one the meaning of this OBIRIN LOTA OBIRIN and IYAN OGUN ODUN..thanks ma and love u still ma..

NB aunty stella pls dnt say anything again cos oro o dun lenu yin rara ma pls ma,pple like me shud be adoring u ma nitori olorun ma and pple in ur set won’t reply their baby colleague…pls ma less i forget ma when r u returning our boys cos dats the koko ma….. To all my fans ma una no vex..enjoy.”

If you don’t understand Toyin’s write, this is what she’s trying to say.

She told Stella she’s happy she replied her post 8 months later. She said she remembered a day when Stella Damasus visited her in the company of her biker boyfriend.

On the skinny leg Stella Damasus raised in her video, Toyin said America has turned those legs fat.

She later went on to curse Stella for alleging Toyin said her son is with her.

“abi won di aunty stella ni)…mati lu yin ju my son with u,which kain joke be dat ma…... 

meaning are you under a curse….I will beat the hell out of you.

Toyin told a source this afternoon that she was told to take down the controversial post so as not to drag Actors Guild of Nigeria into the mud since she is the Vice President of the body.

However a source told some minutes ago that Stella is using this to promote her website because she is planning to start a media house over there in the US.

This explains why Stella replied Toyin Aimakhu 8 months after. #smart chic



  1. Francesca

    February 22, 2015 at 12:15 AM

    Toyin just gave out her fans cheaply to stella.

  2. Nifemi Brooklyn

    February 22, 2015 at 12:19 AM

    dis 2 women are irritating as hell
    how are they different from each other. Toyin we know got her hubby with love potion and Stella did the same, please two of you go should and sleep.


    February 22, 2015 at 3:54 AM

    Woman matter ? Eyoo.. I dont take them serious.

  4. Loveth Chukwu

    February 22, 2015 at 6:15 AM

    i pity stella confusion has become the order of her life. She is a jack of all trades master of none

  5. efissy

    February 22, 2015 at 9:43 PM

    y all dis u dot gav good example ah oga oooooooko

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