Fake Nigerian Army Officer Arrested In Lagos

fake nigerian army officer arrested

Feb 17, 2013 – Fake Nigerian Army Officer Arrested In Lagos

A fake Nigerian army officer who specialises in car snatching in Lagos has been arrested by Lagos Police command.

According to Lagos state Police Commissioner, Mr Umar, the suspect popularly known as Lt Sule by area residents was caught at his lover’s house in Ogudu following a tip-off from the public this morning.

5 thoughts on “Fake Nigerian Army Officer Arrested In Lagos

  1. why do we always deceive ourselve’s every time.like good people great nation. when we know that reverse is d case.we don’t love one another. imagin’ one nigeria.lwkmd. one day naija go be bagladesh. funny i think.i hate dis nation, every time same story .una be super story naijabara.

  2. Idiots and animalistic of a kind. Dat was how dey almost snatched someone i knw’s car at Ore in Ondo state wit an Hilux van and uniform on dem if not dat he noticed it,locked his newly bought car and ran into d bush for his life. Let dat bastard serve a life tym jail wit hard labor so dat it wil serve as deterence 2odas.

  3. good am all, am not with all this am seeing and that is why i want to join the nigeria army so i can help nigeria.

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