Fan Says Ebube Nwagbo Overdoing Weight Loss Diet, Prefers Old Look

ebube nwagbo skinny ugly

July 21, 2016 – Fan Says Ebube Nwagbo Overdoing Weight Loss Diet, Prefers Old Look

In this season of instant celebrity clap back, Nollywood actress Ebube Nwagbo has come after a fan who called her ugly when she shared a beautiful throwback photo of herself looking robust and young.

See the photo Ebube shared and the fan comments/her response below

Throwback Thursday photo of Ebube

Fans comments and Ebube Nwagbo’s response

Truth be told, Ebube looks really lovely in her throwback photo…

18 thoughts on “Fan Says Ebube Nwagbo Overdoing Weight Loss Diet, Prefers Old Look

  1. We may have to consider that the recent pix here is merely a selfie not properly taken. It all could have contributed to weigh against her looks. But the old pix make good sense wella. See waist. Flavour fu this one, ogbakaa!

  2. Dis ebube of a girl is something else, u asked a question and dey give u an answer d next thing is to clap back. Must everybody tell E dat u r beautiful? U beta get over urself.

  3. is this what she referred to as healthy life style? what a pity… she’ve lost her beauty to the so called healthy lifestyle…
    chai !!!

  4. A lady is trying to prevent herself from being fat and obese,people say that she is Ugly and when she eventually becomes so big ,they will call her “OROBO”.In life I have learnt not to live for people,live for yourself because you are the only one that can make yourself happy.

  5. You can never satisfy everybody. Some will like you while some will hate you. Once ur okay wiv yourself, then what are we talking about!

  6. But she wasn’t obese from this pictures of her past stature. Probably she just want to look a bit less than the way she was.

  7. If she were chubby, just like the way she looked way back, haterz gonna call her fat,if she likes let her go tinny, its het life and body and nobodys’ pretty sure pple calling her fat and ugly are the ugly fat ones who have tried milloin times to look slim bt to no avail,kip calling who God created ugly while shes making her money… ******

  8. I hope she is not suffering from anorexia, bcos hw can someone decide to be dis thin in d name of fashion. Its better she goes back to her old self.

  9. ebube I am so loving u the way u are right now, I am in full support, love ya plenty, don’t mind haters, dey try to block all the time.

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