Fatal Motor Accident In Fadeyi Lagos: 4 Children & 5 Adults Die As Truck Crushes Bus

fatal accident fadeyi lagos

June 4, 2016 – Fatal Bus Accident In Fadeyi Lagos: 4 Children & 5 Adults Die As Truck Crushes Passenger Bus

Not less than 9 people died yesterday when a passenger bus with registration # Katsina KT715YG coming from the north lost control and ran into a truck with registration # Lagos GGE 715 YG.

The fatal collision with happened in Fadeyi area of Lagos killed 4 children and 5 adults.

10 others were also injured in the crash which happened around 5:45 am yesterday.

May the soul of the victims rest in peace (amen).

15 thoughts on “Fatal Motor Accident In Fadeyi Lagos: 4 Children & 5 Adults Die As Truck Crushes Bus

  1. Very unfortunate accident. It is more heart rendering considering the facts that they had already reached Lagos after travelling all the night from the north.

  2. Holy spirit! When they have already arrived Lagos. Shield us from evil and protect our lives God.

  3. This looks more to me like a case of over-speeding. Was the driver intoxicated by something? RIP to the victims. Can we please see the pix of the victims for the benefit of identification? We could know somebody among them or so I thought. NG make una no vex o…

    I take a stroll…

  4. My heart is flooded. To have your loved one leave the house in the morning, hearty, healthy and strong, only to hear this kind of thing. Imagine the number of fatalities in thins accident. I don’t just know what to say.

    Just some 5weeks ago, my own case would have been equally finalized. I was about to enter Calabar, driving on my lane. There was a cyclist approaching on the opposite lane, and close behind this cyclist was a truck fully loaded with goods leaving Calabar. But just before I reached the cyclist so that be could by-pass each other, the motorcycle fell on the road for no obvious reasons. The tuck driver, trying to avoid crushing the cyclist in that very instant, veered onto my own lane without thinking. I had no other choice than to veer off the road onto a rocky, unpaved path. The impact with which my tires climbed those bumpy rocks saw my steering wheel loosing from the knuckle and I couldn’t steer the car ???? again. It was heading for the bush, or ditch; I don’t just know.

    But somehow in all this confusion, the car stopped. The truck driver did not even care to stop and see how I was coping with it all. It was the cyclist that later crossed over to me, telling me sorry. That sorry was hardly necessary. God had rescued me and that was all that mattered

  5. Oh really? @ Metu, just seeing this…pls take heart for that ugly incident. Accident is never your lot and you shall not die before your God given time IJN.

    I take a stroll…

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