Fathia Balogun Charges Fans N5000 For Free Makeup Training In Abeokuta

fathia balogun free makeup training abeokutaFathia Balogun Williams has volunteered to empower the  youths but not free of charge.

Her beauty shop in Abeokuta Ogun state, House of Faiteer will be offering makeup training to upcoming MUA(Makeup Artists)  looking to broaden their skill.

The actress who claims she is offering the training free of charge is however charging her fans a whopping N5K for registration.

If you are interested in her free training offer, see the flyer below for instruction on how to register.

house of faiteer address abeokuta

Thanks but no thanks to her for charging N5000 to empower the youths.

She has to keep in mind that 87% of the youths she is trying to empower may not be able to afford up to N1000.

Nothing is truly free in this part of the world.

Here is a legend promising to empower poor Nigerian youths while charging them N5000 registration fee.  #yeyedeysmell #GodhelpNigeria

8 thoughts on “Fathia Balogun Charges Fans N5000 For Free Makeup Training In Abeokuta

  1. Carrie and money matter. I suppose she should have like 20 houses by now because of her love for money. Pimp Madam!

  2. 5k multiply by only God knows how many people are coming……..and she said its free. Hmmm free indeed.

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