Fayose Closed Down Ekiti Speaker Omirin’s Gas Station For Not Joining PDP


ayo fayose dictator

Oct 23, 2014 – Fayose Closed Down Ekiti Speaker Adewale Omirin’s Petrol Filling Station In Ado Ekiti For Not Joining PDP

3 Other Filling Stations Owned By APC Members Closed Down By Fayose In Ekiti State

The newly elected Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose is close to being called a dictator after shutting down 4 filing stations in his first week in office.

Yesterday he ordered an immediate closure of a filling station owned by Ekiti State House of Assembly speaker, Adewale Omirin, an APC member and three other filling stations owned by APC members.

In a statement signed by the speaker, he accused the governor of trying to use political intimidation to force him to join PDP.

The statement reads:

“I got all necessary approvals for the project. A lawmaker, Joseph Dele Olugbemi, told me two days after the governor’s inauguration that he (the governor) had made up his mind to close my filling station over my refusal to join the PDP.

“I had told the governor that in the interest of Ekiti people, the House of Assembly would work with him to serve the people.

“I called the governor to confirm what I was told. He denied it, swearing that he would not pursue any victimisation agenda against his opponents.

“But only yesterday the governor ordered the closure of the filling station, citing environmental factor.”

He claimed that he fulfilled all necessary environmental laws in the location of the filling station and got approval.

Omirin has said intimidation and coercion by the PDP-led government would not force him to abandon the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He said no level of harassment, financial inducement or persecution would make him betray the people and the APC.

The Speaker said the governor has started victimising perceived political opponents.

We hope Ekiti people will not end up regretting ever electing this Jonathan pikin.